“Thank you to everybody who stepped up,” Morgan Chair finds new location after devastating fire

Morgan Chair has a new location with the same staff, and a new hope for the future of their business.
This fire last week left employees emotional and speechless.
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 5:40 PM EDT
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OAKBORO, N.C. (WBTV) - A Stanly County business is proving to be resilient after a massive fire destroyed their building in Stanfield last Friday.

Morgan Chair has a new location with the same staff, and a new hope for the future of their business.

The owner is thanking the community for a week of support after everything was lost in the fire.

Today, they celebrated with the community after many thought all hope was lost.

“Speaking for most of us, we thought it was over,” Chris Smith, the delivery and installation manager at Morgan Chair, said.

This fire left employees emotional and speechless.

“I literally walked out with a laptop and tap measure and we had to start over from that,” Jesse Morgan, the owner of Morgan Chair, said.

Morgan Chair said it had over 800 orders pending and 25 employees with no clue if they still had a job.

“Friday night was a tearful night, I had no clue, no hope,” Morgan said. “I didn’t know what to do and I had to answer to my employees, and I didn’t have answers for them yet.”

Things changed Saturday when the owner of their space reached out to them about moving their operations to Oakboro.

“I got here and we had a building ready for us, that had all of the utilities we needed, everything, and only a few minutes from our other location and it’s really not supposed to happen that way,” Morgan said.

“It’s been just a super, unbelievable surprise that we were all here on Monday, we were all just shocked,” Smith said.

Since Monday, people have donated supplies and built tables so the company can be operational again.

The owner said its turnaround from devastation to hope is a blessing.

“It’s a story I think of hope, and just the goodness of God these doors have been opened for us,” he said.

“Thank you to everybody who stepped up and reached out when they didn’t have to,” Smith added.

Earlier this week, the team at Morgan Chair made a goal to have a piece of furniture complete by the end of the week, and they reached that goal.

The team built an ottoman that was completed by Friday, and will ship it out Monday to a local store.

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