Charlotte engraver speaks about special work done for Queen Elizabeth II

John Flitton has been engraving precious items in Charlotte for several decades.
Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 2:41 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - John Flitton has been engraving precious items in Charlotte for several decades. Flitton, who was born in England, has worked as an engraver since he was a young man.

He spoke to WBTV in a recent interview about his trade and the work he has done for members of the royal family.

“I do everything. I do jewelry, silver, gold, coats of arms, inscriptions, inside rings,” Flitton told WBTV.

Flitton explained that he learned to engrave through a 5-year apprenticeship in England. He said he did work in London for several years before relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina. He now does work for several jewelers in the United States. Among the items he has engraved over the years are silver plates for public houses, crest rings, and a trophy for the Quail Hollow Club.

Over the last several days, the items that have resonated with Flitton the most are the items he has engraved for members of the royal family. He explained to WBTV how he first got the opportunity to do work for the royals.

“I applied for a job at Garrards, the royal jewelers, and they could see the talent of my work so they gave me a lot of the royal engravings to do,” the engraver explained.

Flitton said he has engraved items for the queen mother, Princess Diana, and Queen Elizabeth II.

He noted that two of his favorite items that he has engraved are a silver jubilee wine label he made for Queen Elizabeth II and a picture of the queen’s corgis. He said that every time he has sent an item to the royals, he has received a letter of thanks in return.

“They always write back to me. It’s amazing,” said Flitton.

He said he has kept the letters he’s received from Buckingham Palace. They serve as a reminder of his personal connection to the queen.

Flitton said he was shocked to learn of the queen’s passing.

“It was very sad and it just brought me to my work I’d done for her,” said Flitton. “She represents the best of Britain, what Britain’s all about, you know?”

The engraver said he is currently unsure whether he will continue to do work for the royal family now that the queen has passed.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I think I might keep it special just for her because she was there when I was born. I’ve always known her so it was special. I’ll have to think about that one,” Flitton explained.

The engraver said he credits his wife for allowing him to continue his career for so many years.