WBTV digging into what residents in Quail Meadow can do after not having water for two weeks, still no solutions

Several people called WBTV saying Quail Meadow Mobile Park hasn’t had water since the last week of August.
The people living in the Quail Meadow mobile home park in Rock Hill say they're feeling hopeless.
Published: Sep. 6, 2022 at 7:13 PM EDT
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ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - The people living in the Quail Meadow mobile home park in Rock Hill say they are feeling hopeless.

WBTV got calls and emails from many of you saying the water pressure started decreasing the last week in August. Then a few days later -- shut off all together. We brought you answers as to why this was happening and what is being done about it. Now, we are trying to find out if there is any other help out there for those residents.

WBTV learned yesterday the property owners are not going to reimburse or do any rent decrease for the two weeks of no water. They say because of the well repair cost, but the problem is still not fixed and some people are once again going without.

Quail Meadows mobile home park in Fort Mill has not had running water for the last two weeks.

”Aggravating. Mad. We shouldn’t have to deal with that,” says Galen Daughtry, who lives in the area.

Frustration grows as dozens and dozens of people continue to have issues with their water in Quail Meadow mobile home park. Daughtry is just one of them—boiling his own water just to be able to use it.

”It’s a pain. If it was just me, it wouldn’t be as bad but when I got three others to look after, it’s hard because that’s my priority is my family,” says Daugthry.

Daughtry says they do not trust the water coming out of the faucets, not even taking the chance to drink it.

”Even our dogs we’re still putting bottled water in. Cause I don’t know what’s going on with the well. I don’t want the dogs to get sick and we ain’t gonna get sick,” he says.

He says he is having to buy that water they are using. Smith Properties LLC apparently only dropped off one case of water. Something adding to the frustration since Smith Properties LLC decided not to reimburse the tenants for money they are spending to make up for the lacking water.

”I’d rather the reimbursements. Even if it was half of it, not all of it. Even if they knocked 100 dollars off of it. I mean it’s not fair to us,” says Daughtry.

WBTV looked up what you could do in this situation and unfortunately, it is not much. Starting with the South Carolina Public Service Commission, I found no information about Smith Properties LLC or Quail Meadow in the system.

The PSC directed me to the Office of Regulatory Staff which quote – “represents the public interest of South Carolina in utility regulation for the major utility industries” including water. The ORS does not regulate Quail Meadow or the well so there is not much action they can take. Still, the ORS deputy director told me Quail Meadow residents can call the office as a starting point to see if there is a department that could investigate this case.

The toll-free number for the ORS is 1-800-922-1531. Residents living in Quail Meadow are encouraged to call.

WBTV saw crews trying to figure out where the leak could possibly be. One of the owners, Jack Smith, did not want to go on camera but did answer some questions for us about this process. Smith says crews have been out here almost every day for the last week and a half. He says crews have been going underneath each mobile home trying to find the source.

He also tells us that the company brought in two tankards late last week to help get the water back on with enough water pressure to take a shower, but neighbors say they only just got water back on yesterday. Neighbors also say even with the water back on, it is not clean and they still struggle to get enough pressure to even take a shower.

No water means no showers, no dishes, no flushing toilets, nothing. So many people spent 40, 50, and even 60 dollars a day just trying to make up for not having that one basic need.

”We started getting trickles of water,” says one resident. “Me and the boys looked at each other and said oh no not again.”

That Quail Meadow resident is doing her dishes for the first time in about two weeks. That is because her water is finally running again.

”Very frustrating. I got a washer and dryer I can’t use. I had to go to the laundromat. You have to have clean clothes. Can’t go around stanking. You can’t take no shower no bath,” she says.

WBTV learned the problem is affecting all of Quail Meadow and even some mobile homes down the street, all owned by Smith Properties LLC. Another resident showed a side-by-side comparison with the murky water coming out of her faucet.

”I don’t want my kids drinking it. I don’t want my animals drinking it. I don’t want to have to think twice about running my water and giving it to my kids. I don’t want to have to think twice about it,” says that resident.

This is not the first time either. WBTV was out in this same neighborhood just four years ago reporting on this same issue. This time, residents say they only received one case of water from Smith Properties.

”That water doesn’t cover what we have to go through because we have to take a shower in it,” she says.

“Three people living in the house for a case of water really? And that’s to wash with and to drink and everything else,” says that first resident.

Many are spending money going out to eat, driving to take showers and even buying their own water. WBTV asked Smith Properties how they planned to make up those costs. We were told there is no plan right now.

”And they probably won’t because this happened the last time and we had to pay our rent,” she says.

Ultimately, many of the people I talked to just want the issue fixed permanently because they are tired of holding their breath and waiting for the water to stop.

”I talked to my neighbor the other day. He’s been here 30 years and he says it’s always an issue. Him and his wife are looking for a house. I told him if I wasn’t in the situation I was in I’d be looking for a house too,” she says.

We did talk to one of the Smiths out here on the scene but he told us he did not know about reimbursement. The property manager told us the top owner has been on vacation. WBTV is told there will be a meeting tomorrow about what the company can do to rectify this situation. We will check in to see what plan the owner comes up with.