East Charlotte residents say development at old Wilgrove Airport causing flooding to properties

According to McGee, at least three residents on Cedarbrook Drive are impacted by the flooding.
Development projects across Charlotte are causing some headaches for the people living nearby.
Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 9:25 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Development projects across Charlotte are causing some headaches for the people living nearby.

WBTV’s Caroline Hicks spoke with neighbors in Elizabeth last week about flooding concerns due to nearby construction.

A viewer saw the story and reached out with his own concerns.

Allen McGee says is spending about $20,000 dollars to replace two bridges on his property after stormwaters swept through the area and damaged them.

McGee says the storms took place on July 9th, July 13th and August 10th.

“The dirt shot out like a rocket,” he said. “It was like a tsunami coming out of here.”

He says one bridge washed out and he had to bring a crew with a rollover on the property in order to get his car up the driveway.

He says his neighbor has lived here since 1997 and never had issues like this until LGI Homes broke ground on a housing development at the old Wilgrove Airport site, which sits up the hill from their homes.

“Water’s never been a problem,” he said. “Once the trees were cleared, that’s where all the water is coming from.”

McGee wants the developer to be accountable.

“I think retention ponds would be in order, maybe run the water into the sewer system that runs through here,” he said.

He says the current retention ponds are halfway up the hill, rather than at the base of it.

We reached out to Charlotte Stormwater Services.

A spokesperson told us the following in a statement:

“Storm Water Services staff investigated 7608 Cedarbrook Drive in July after a heavy rain event. There is a stream on this private property and the property owner is responsible for maintaining the private driveway culverts/stream crossings.

The McKee Creek Village subdivision, currently under construction, is required to comply with the city’s Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance and has an approved erosion and sediment control plan. The subdivision is also required to comply with the city’s Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance (PCSO) and has an approved stormwater management plan. This ordinance minimizes potential flood risks.”

We asked whether the city investigated to determine if the developer is in compliance. A spokesperson said:

“After the heavy rain event in July, Storm Water Services Land Development staff visited the subdivision site and found it in compliance with the approved erosion and sediment control plan.”

McGee is not so sure.

“I think everybody’s passing the buck from one to another,” he said. “I think the developer had plans approved by Charlotte and they did things according to plan and it failed. I don’t know if anyone is going to take responsibility for that. I don’t know what’s next which is why I’m standing here in front of you.”

McGee also believes the developer should reimburse him for the damages caused by this.

WBTV is awaiting a response for comment from LGI Homes.

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