Cupcake Walk Survivor Story: Mae Wallace

Mae Wallace (left) with her family niece (Heather) and great-niece (Madison Mae) born August...
Mae Wallace (left) with her family niece (Heather) and great-niece (Madison Mae) born August 16th who will be walking in her stroller.(Family Photo)
Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 7:35 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Ooooo... love this story. Mae Wallace, on the far left holding the baby, is a breast cancer Survivor who lives in Mrytle Beach. She used to live in Denver, in Lincoln County.

This year is her 20th year of Survivorship. She read about our Pink Cupcake Walk here on Facebook, and is coming to Charlotte from Mrytle to walk on October 1st. She, and other family members, are already signed up.

Her new great-niece she’s holding? Her name is Madison Mae. She was born August 16th and she, too, will be walking (rolling?) in her stroller around the Charlotte Knights baseball field with us.

”I am so excited to be walking in this year’s Pink Cupcake Walk,” Mae wrote after our first team note went out last week. “On July 15th, I became a 20-year Survivor! I moved to North Myrtle Beach four years ago and will be coming up to join the walk, with my granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and niece. We can’t wait!”

How awesome is that? Photos of her family, and a picture of Mae taken a few years ago at Lake Norman, are posted below.

Mae Wallace 2
Mae Wallace 2(WBTV)

IF YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE AT OUR WALK, SIGN UP NOW. THE REGISTRATION FEE BUMPS UP AT THE END OF THIS WEEK. Currently, it’s $30 to sign up. For that you get the cupcakes, a 2022 #TeamMolly t-shirt, are part of the event, and are helping support local breast cancer charity, Go Jen Go!


Thanks, Mae, for being such an encouragement.If anyone has any questions about the walk that aren’t answered in the link to register, email me directly. Happy to help. EMAIL:

PS: Everyone is automatically a part of #TeamMolly, but we welcome anyone who also wants to start their own social team as part of the event. Having one big team (#TeamMolly) helps everyone signing up individually feel easily included, but again, all other social teams also invited.