‘They’re finding solutions:’ UNC Charlotte students, parents say move-in at off-campus apartments started off rocky

Students and parents reported they were placed in the wrong units
Broken beds, trash bags, and wrong roommates - these are all issues UNC Charlotte parents and students say they discovered as they were moving into apartments.
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 6:41 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The first few days of move-in started off on a sour note for some students and their parents in the University area.

Olivia is a student at UNC Charlotte and signed a lease at The Mill apartments with two of her friends last November.

After months of anticipation, she got the keys to her apartment on Tuesday, beaming with excitement, she turned the keys to her assigned unit expecting to see her friends and instead saw the exact opposite.

“I was put into a unit with one vacant room and one girl that already lived there,” Olivia said.

Olivia said she waited in line at the leasing office for five hours, and overheard other students say their rooms were not thoroughly cleaned.

“There was a line of many many people, students were upset, parents we’re saying their kids’ rooms had leaking trash bags and broken beds,” she said.

Olivia was later assigned to a three-bedroom apartment on Tuesday with the people she originally signed her lease with.

“It ended up all working out, the property manager was amazing and everyone working there handled it well,” she said.

Barbara Purtee and her daughter, who is also a UNC Charlotte student, drove up from Raleigh on Thursday morning ready to move her daughter into The Union apartment complex.

Purtee says she started moving her daughter into her apartment Thursday morning and quickly stopped after realizing another resident owned cats, which her daughter is allergic to. She said her daughter signed her lease in February and indicated her allergy on official documents.

Purtee drove over to The Mill right after searching for vacant units and was able to look at three available units.

“We’re hoping we can find a room here at The Mill because the room at The Union that she was assigned to wasn’t working out,” Purtee said.

Both The Union and The Mill are managed by Covenant Property Services, which started managing both properties on Aug. 11. It was previously managed by Coastal Ridge Real Estate. As of Aug. 11, Coastal Ridge is no longer affiliated with The Mill or The Union.

By Thursday afternoon Purtee’s daughter was assigned to a vacant unit at The Mill.

“They’re finding solutions which are all you can really ask in a situation like this,” Purtee said.

Purtee says she’s thankful the staff were able to help her daughter and hopes other students facing similar issues can get their situations resolved.

“Hats off to them, but it doesn’t make it any better for the parents and the students who are holding the bag of chaos and trying to work through it,” Purtee said.

WBTV contacted the property manager regarding the cleaning schedules and room assignments concerns and we received an automatic reply that staff members were assisting with move-in at another property and that they had limited access to their emails.

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