Araina Cline is recovering after two recent operations

After being born prematurely, Araina was diagnosed with Quadripareses Cerebral Palsy, along with other things.
Araina Cline
Araina Cline(Family photo)
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 9:45 PM EDT
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WEST JEFFERSON, N.C. (WBTV) - “I’d like to introduce to you our adopted daughter, Araina Briauna Cline,” Angel Cline said

Angel, Araina’s mom, said this picture was taken this week. This post is to welcome Araina as the newest one of our amazing #MollysKids.

She said 10-year-old Araina came to West Jefferson from Chicago, at 3.5 months old. Angel and her husband—who are both public school teachers—said Araina was born at 26 weeks’ gestation. Very tiny.

Since then, she has been diagnosed with Quadripareses Cerebral Palsy (the most severe form), epilepsy, retinopathy, slow motility of the gut, scoliosis, and has developmental delays.

When the Clines adopted her, they already had three boys, so Araina suddenly had a large built-in family in Ashe County.

Angel and her husband, James, reached out about their remarkable daughter because although Araina has had medical uphill battles since birth, this summer has brought particular challenges.

“This past July, Araina was hospitalized at Levine Children’s for 20 days,” Angel said. “During this time, she had an unscheduled surgery to replace her G-tube with a GJ tube due to gut issues. That GJ allows nutrients to bypass the stomach and feed into the small intestine.”

“In addition to that, she had to go on an amino-based formula,” she continued. “Also while in the hospital, she underwent a spinal fusion from bottom of her neck to tailbone to correct her spinal curvature. There were many reasons for needing this, but the bottom line is that the anatomy of Araina’s body was severely off.”

Angel said the doctors were “fabulous” and Araina is now at home, recovering with her family.

“It’s our hope that she will be able to return to school this year after being homebound due to COVID and medical issues the past two years,” Angel said. “Her father and I—along with her oldest brother—are public school teachers. Araina attends Westwood Elementary School and will be in the fifth grade this year. Her middle brother is in college and youngest brother is a senior in high school. We all adore and love our Araina with all our hearts.”

Angel added that she likes this picture you see here in part because Araina is sitting much taller and straighter, and no longer requires a neck brace. Also, maybe a small thing but something that jumped out at the end of Angel’s email, was her signature.

She didn’t just sign it from herself… she signed it from their whole family. “Blessings, The Clines (James, Angel, Jamison, Zeke, Gracen and Araina)” Small gesture, big meaning.

Welcome, Araina, to #MollysKids. More photos below.

- Molly

More photos of Araina Cline
More photos of Araina Cline(Family photo)

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