Kannapolis couple celebrates 75th anniversary

Kannapolis Couple married
Kannapolis Couple married(Family Photo)
Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 10:18 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Owen and Gertrude Adcock live in Kannapolis. Tomorrow they’ll celebrate their 75th anniversary. As in, married together for 75 years. The day after, Owen turns 98. In November, Gertrude will turn 94.

They’ve lived in the same house in Kannapolis for 66 years. It’s important to post about this tonight in the off-chance tomorrow morning is slammed and the post gets postponed… these two need to be shouted from mountaintops, so putting their story out tonight feels right and good.

”Our family started with two people who never gave up on each other,” wrote their granddaughter Tonya Goodyear. “We’ve now grown to 32 family members. We are blessed beyond measure to have them, and the example they set for us.”

It’s certainly a reason to celebrate. It’s also a bit of unchartered territory. This week the family is moving Owen and Gertrude into assisted living.

”My grandfather fell on Valentine’s Day this year,” Tonya said. “He broke his hip, which was only his second broken bone in his life. But because he’s 98, that means he spends most of his time in a wheelchair. My grandmother also now has Alzheimer’s and is mostly confined to a wheelchair. My Aunt is 70 is their primary caretaker, and she’s 70 and has had some struggles while caring for them (She beat breast cancer, had a broken hip, and a torn rotator cuff.) They require just a little more care than she can give now, so as a family we decided assisted living would be best.”

Tonya made it clear: She’s not complaining. She said as a family they are moving along and despite everything, are doing better than most.

”Again, my grandparents inspire us and teach us all the time,” she said. “We are blessed to have them and appreciate every single person who helps, in any kind of way, with both of them.”

And… does anyone recognize this story? With a few slight changes?

“First time I wrote you about my grandparents was five years ago on this same night, right before their anniversary,” Tonya said. “Then it was 70-years of marriage. You wrote about them and it was awesome to see. I truly hope to email you again in five more years about these special people we all love so much!”

Happy anniversary, Owen and Gertrude, and a happy early birthday for Wednesday.

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