SC’s Tax-Free Weekend runs through Sunday

Shoppers can even get the deals online.
Shoppers can even get the deals online.
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 5:53 AM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WBTV) - It’s the weekend a lot of parents in the Carolinas wait for to get those back-to-school necessities.

Starting Friday and running through Sunday night, people can shop tax-free in South Carolina. Some of the things included are:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • School supplies like notebooks, pencils and calculators

Things college students need also make the list, including computers, printers, bed sheets and bath towels.

Kristal Jennings helps run the busy Gourmet Soul in Rock Hill. After being here all day, her work is far from over.

”Two high schoolers and an elementary student yes,” she says.

Three students getting ready to go into the new school years means she’s getting school supplies. That’s why right after her shift ends, she’s taking advantage of the tax-free weekend happening in SC.

”It’s expensive when you have to break it down to three people,” she says. ”You think you’re buying something for a dollar but it really ends up being two dollars and 15 cent because there’s a dollar tax. So tax-free is really important when it comes to buying the necessary items for your children.”

South Carolina's tax-free weekend runs from Friday, Aug. 5 through Sunday night, Aug. 7.
South Carolina's tax-free weekend runs from Friday, Aug. 5 through Sunday night, Aug. 7.(Source: WBTV)

Items not included on the S.C. Department of Revenue’s list of tax-exempt items are things like cellphones, cameras and video game consoles, as well as furniture, jewelry and wallets.

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Shoppers can even get the deals online.

“You do not have to purchase items in store. Obviously, you know there’s big crowds, lots of people don’t like shopping you know in those big crowds, or you know shopping in person anyways. You can actually take advantage of the sales tax holiday from the comfort of your own home,” Rob Walden, an SCDOR representative, said.

Shoppers can skip out on the state’s 6% state sales tax and local taxes as long as the items in their online shopping cart are eligible and purchased over the next three days.

The best part, Walden says, is shoppers won’t even have to pay delivery charges or fees.

Jennings knows how much those savings can add up. Over the years, school supplies have become more expensive not just because of inflation but also the items she’s having to buy as her kids get older.

”It’s not just crayons and lead pencils now. You have to have a certain kind of pen or certain type of colored pen or certain type of paper. So all of that is different,” says Jennings.

On average, she says she saves $30 for every $100 she spends. Hoping to stack her savings even more this year.

”I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can save. One of the highlights of my shopping is looking at how much I’ve saved at the end of the receipts,” she says.

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