Tow truck driver investigated by WBTV for years legally labeled habitual felon

David Satterfield is currently charged with a handful of felonies and could see increased prison time if convicted.
A local tow truck driver could be facing significant time behind bars following his indictment as a habitual felon.
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 6:31 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - David Satterfield’s prolific history in Charlotte is unmatched in the towing industry. WBTV has spoken with three different people who have been pepper sprayed by Satterfield, dozens of drivers who say they were illegally towed by him and a handful of truckers who say he’s cost them thousands of dollars.

WBTV even caught Satterfield driving after he admitted he didn’t have a valid license. He changes business names so frequently it’s hardly worth mentioning the companies he operates.

Recently, Satterfield has even been charged with stealing money and firearms, and now he’s been legally labeled as a habitual felon.

“The $13,000 in cash is gone out of the seat. I didn’t even think about the gun. the gun was gone,” Constance Gaston said.

Gaston said she was shopping for a new car when Satterfield showed up and towed her old car. Satterfield was charged by CMPD for stealing Gaston’s money for the new car and a gun, from the towed vehicle.

“My sweater that was covering the money, thrown to the side, gone. My wallet, purse is open,” Gaston said when she got her car back.

Satterfield is currently facing more than ten charges including multiple firearm larcenies, breaking and entering, felony larceny and felony conspiracy. He’s previously been banned from towing and even faced a lawsuit from the state attorney general.

A spokesperson for NCDOJ said the injunction and case are both still active. It hasn’t stopped Satterfield from operating. In a court filing in that case from July, the NCDOJ wrote “Satterfield continues to engage in predatory towing in violation of numerous of this court’s preliminary injunction.”

Nearly everyone WBTV has spoken to who has crossed paths with Satterfield has asked how he’s still operating a towing company.

Now, Satterfield is looking at significant time behind bars.

In June, he was indicted as a habitual felon. According to the District Attorney’s Office, the “indictment is essentially a sentencing enhancement” that attaches to all pending felonies.

If convicted for any of the felonies, Satterfield could be sentenced for a Class C Felony, anywhere from four to nineteen years in prison, according to state sentencing guidelines.

The new indictment only came after WBTV started asking CMPD why Satterfield wasn’t being arrested for the incidents we were documenting.

Additionally, the NCDOJ is now requesting Satterfield appear before a judge to “show cause why he should not be held in criminal contempt.”

WBTV tried calling Satterfield multiple times but he never responded.

We last spoke with him when truck driver Nicholas Bedney got a court order to retrieve his truck from Satterfield’s lot. A WBTV reporter asked him about the charges involving Gaston.

“No, I didn’t take no money from her car. I’ve got nothing to do with none of that,” Satterfield said.

When WBTV has asked Satterfield about some of the other charges, lawsuits he’s faced or people he’s pepper-sprayed he’s always said he’s not in the wrong or he’s “protecting” himself from a dangerous situation.

“Like I said, I got nothing to do with none of that.”

WBTV will continue to ask state lawmakers whether there needs to be more regulation for towing in North Carolina.

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