Ghost guns in Charlotte and new federal regulations

They’re unregistered and untraceable.
The new rules about the guns are slated to take effect Aug. 24, and are expected to face lawsuits from manufacturers and gun rights groups.
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 7:15 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Ghost guns in Charlotte.

CMPD says they saw a 7% increase in seizing ghost guns in the last five months of this year compared to that same time (Jan-May) last year.

CMPD adds that they seize about 22 ghost guns per month.

The homemade firearms can be created on 3-D printers or put together with kits bought online.

They’re unregistered and untraceable.

This past April, we reported on a shooting at Romare Bearden Park involving a bicycle group, and an 18-year-old suspect who admitted to having a ghost gun.

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CMPD Captain Bret Balamucki said, “One of the concerning things is, when we interviewed Mr. Walker who’s 18 years old, we also recovered a handgun with no serial number during that arrest, and he admitted to us that he made it at his house.”

Because ghost guns lack serial numbers, it’s impossible for law enforcement to trace them.

Nationwide, law enforcement says, more and more are involved in crimes.

WBTV spoke to Stan Kephart, a retired police chief with more than 40 years in law enforcement.

Kephart said, “They are definitely a problem because they’re being manufactured with more frequency, and we have more of them in the hands of people who shouldn’t have weapons at all.”

New regulations would require people who sell them to be federally licensed and run a background check on people buying kits.

Serial numbers would be required to be stamped on the guns.

“This will only impact good people who are willing to obey the law. It will do nothing to the people who are going to manufacture these guns using these kits who are law violators,” said Kephart.

Federal firearms licensees would be required to keep records for the length of time they are licensed.

The new rules are slated to take effect August 24 and are expected to face lawsuits from manufacturers and gun rights groups.

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