Steele Robinson continues to fight despite latest hospital stay

Doctors recently discovered a clot in Steele’s heart.
Steele Robinson
Steele Robinson(Family photo)
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 7:06 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - He looks so much older. Steele Robinson is happy in this recent picture, but the truth is he’s currently in the middle of a really difficult stint, in the course of many other difficult stints.

Steele’s mom, Dawn, says they are in three-week hospital stay at Levine Children’s Hospital.

A clot was discovered in Steele’s heart, and he has MRSA (an infection) inside the clot. He’s getting blood thinner shots in the stomach, and added antibiotics for at least six more weeks.

Last time I saw Steele was in December 2017. Feels like eons ago. You can read more (and see a picture of him from then), here.

He’s one of four kids and his mom has always called him “a miracle.”

Steele is from Newton, in Catawba County. He was born weighing two pounds and lives with cerebral palsy, brain damage, often has seizures, and is nearly blind. This clot in his heart and MRSA just adds to the list, Dawn says.

“But we wanted to give this update,” she said. “Because through it all, Steele is strong. He lives up to his name. He always overcomes. He inspires us even though some weeks are really difficult.”

When we say “The Good, the Bad, and Always Real,” it means exactly that. There are so many amazing local kids, who face so many things, some hard to imagine, and yet...these kids keep fighting and trying and living with these obstacles.

As Dawn reminded in her email, never forget to hug the kids you love.

Dawn, hope you like seeing Steele’s personality shine through in on your newsfeed, and this little moment helps you feel extra support and hugs from many.

- Molly

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