CLT airport sees significant decrease in flight delays, cancelations on Monday compared to Sunday

Less than 20 flights were canceled on Monday compared to more than 100 on Sunday
Twenty-four hours made a world of difference for travelers flying into and out of the CLT Airport.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 6:24 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Twenty-four hours made a world of difference for travelers flying into and out of the CLT Airport.

On Sunday, WBTV reported more than 280 flights leaving Charlotte were delayed, and more than 200 additional flights that were coming into Charlotte were delayed. Those statistics are according to Flight Aware.

In addition, more than 40 flights leaving Charlotte were canceled, and 60 that were scheduled to come into Charlotte were canceled before leaving other airports.

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Jamal Walker is one of the people whose flight was canceled on Sunday.

“If I miss my flight tonight, I’m not going to know what to do per se,” Walker said.

Walker says two of his flights were canceled on Sunday and he was praying his Monday evening flight would depart on time.

“I had a course that started today I needed to be in class today. It’s been kind of a nightmare a little bit, I’m glad I don’t have my little kids with me.”

WBTV checked Flight Aware on Monday and noticed a significant decrease in delays and cancelations.

As of 5:24 pm on Monday, a total of 18 flights were canceled, 6 of which were outgoing flights and 12 of which were flights coming into Charlotte. In addition, 190 flights were delayed, those included 108 outgoing flights and 82 flights coming into Charlotte.

An American Airlines spokesperson said AA had six residual flights on Monday out of a total of 615 scheduled departures.

In addition, the airline says most of its flights were canceled on Sunday due to severe weather and air traffic control initiatives.

Grant Wooden and Amrita Narayan dropped Narayan’s son off bright and early Sunday morning only to find out his flight was canceled at the ticket counter.

“They said that the flight was canceled and did you not get any kind of notification and we of course did not. They said it was rescheduled for today at the same time,” Wooden said.

They dropped her son off at the same time Monday morning and said the process was much smoother and his flight left on time.

“A day late is better than a day never,” Wooden said.

When WBTV spoke to Narayan Monday afternoon she said her flight to JFK was on time, which she desperately needs so she can make her connecting flight to New Delhi on time.

“In order to make my international flight, I need to be there on time,” Narayan said.

Walker says he’s staying patient and cautiously optimistic.

“I’m hopeful but at the same time I feel like things could still go south,” he said.

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