More screen time during pandemic threatens eye health

Dr. Spencer Moore, a Charlotte-based optometrist, says pandemic-related screen time leads to eye strain, dry eyes, and more.
Many people are in this position of having strained eyesight suddenly, or maybe even getting headaches.
Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 10:49 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Several eye doctors have found increased screen usage during the pandemic has led to complaints of dry eyes, eye strain and headaches.

Dr. Spencer Moore, an optometrist who works in uptown Charlotte, says compared to before the pandemic, complaints about these issues have easily doubled.

“Once people get off their work computer, they go to their hand-held computer and scroll all day,” Dr. Moore said.

“Dry eyes become a whole big problem among people working from home.”

“I still stare at a screen now at my current job. I’m a waitress so I’m consistently looking at a computer to put orders in and stuff,” said a Charlotte resident.

“I definitely get headaches a lot,” they added.

Not only can screen time make these issues worse, but it could create problems for younger ages, too.

“They’re going to be getting these issues that normally 50-year-old people will get at age 10 or whatever it may be,” said Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore says the best things you can do are to look into ways to block blue light from your screens, like wearing protective glasses or changing screen settings, get your eyes checked, and if you have a prescription, make sure it’s still the best level for you.

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