As heat continues, food truck owners finding ways to stay cool, continue serving

Some local food trucks are being forced to adapt during this heat wave.
Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 7:13 PM EDT
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YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - If you ask anyone waiting outside, it will be easy to find out just how hot it is.

”So so hot,” says one person.

For them, the wait is worth it though for the good fresh cooking of 22 Street Kitchen food truck.

”We’re excited to partner with local businesses and corporations who are keeping us in business. We’re excited that people are enjoying the food,” says 22 Street Kitchen owner Felicia Reese.

That food is made all right in the truck. The heat is not just coming from the creole food.

”We have a grill. We have a griddle. We have a charbroil. And we have a fryer. So it is really hot,” says Reese.

That is 22 Street Kitchen owner Felicia Reese. She says all those items run on propane, causing everyone in this boxed kitchen to break a sweat.

”It’s about 100 degrees in the truck. We’re just trying to stay cool,” she says.

They do that by hydrating. Water and Gatorade are their lifelines but Reese says when it gets busy they do not always have time to drink up. Reese says they also limit service to three hours and serve mostly in the first part of the day when it is not as hot.

”It’s very difficult to stay hydrated but we try to pre-hydrate before the service and then after the service,” says Reese. ”We’re not out all day running this propane that’s keep us really hot.”

So after a few long hours in the heat, Reese and her team know exactly what they plan to do.

”First thing I wanna do is drink some water. Then take a shower,” she says.

Food trucks do have air conditioning but it is so hot it really does not matter. In Reese’s truck, they run it to keep the refrigerators at a good temperature so the food stays cool.

If you would like to find 22 Street Kitchen, you can find them on StreetFoodFinder here.

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