In need of a miracle: Meet 11-year-old Aaron Collier, the newest of the #MollysKids

Aaron was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.
Aaron Collier is the newest of the #MollysKids.
Aaron Collier is the newest of the #MollysKids.(Provided photo)
Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 3:59 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The newest one of our amazing #MollysKids is in need of a miracle. Rising 7th-grader Aaron Collier in Ashe County. He’s fighting osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, that started in his leg. Aaron lives with his grandmother, Cathy Campbell, and she says it’s a dire situation.

“I hate cancer,” said Martie Latham, a friend of the family, who the grandmother approved of speaking on their behalf.

“He’s losing more and more mobility and is in continuous pain. Please ask people to send good thoughts—he is only 11 years old.” The osteosarcoma was discovered February of 2021. As anyone familiar with this bone cancer knows, it’s a tough battle. Aaron was up-and-down for 15 months, but then, happily, he finished chemo earlier this year and his scans were clear.

Martie says both Aaron and his grandmother were excited to get his port removed. A week after it was taken out, Aaron started having back pain. Turned out the tumors had managed to wrap around his spine in his back. Cancer was back.

Aaron is the newest of the #MollysKids.
Aaron is the newest of the #MollysKids.(Provided photo)

This past May, Brenner Children’s Hospital told Cathy there was nothing else to do except try to shrink the tumors to manage pain. As you can imagine, that was devastating news. Aaron came home.

His school, Blue Ridge Elementary School in the Helton community, wore green and blue one day, calling it “Brave Hearts Day” in honor of Aaron and his favorite colors. It was after that community support and inspiration that his grandmother took him to Duke for a second opinion.

“They said they felt they could try a few different options,” Martie said. “For Cathy, a little hope after a lot of heartbreak was good. All of this has been overwhelming and hearing anything positive was really good news for both she and Aaron.”

Cathy has been by Aaron’s side the entire time. As his full-time caregiver, she has taken him to all of his treatments.

As a friend who loves both Aaron and his grandma, Martie said, “They are both worn out and tired from this fight. They need help and a miracle.”

You never know where stories go and what happens when they’re read. None of this sounds good, but as we know, it’s the Good, the Bad, and the Always Real. And, hope and positive love is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s being sent to an 11-year-old a part of a cancer club he never asked or wanted to join.

Keep us updated, please, Martie. Thank you.

Thinking of you, Aaron and Cathy.


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