Toyota of N Charlotte explains how to navigate blind spots

Blind spots: What you need to know about them
Toyota safety tips
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Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 2:04 PM EDT
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Did you know that one of the biggest road hazards exists right there within your N Charlotte Toyota? We’re talking blind spots - unfortunately, they’re unavoidable in almost all cars and they’re also a big cause of car accidents and collisions. But our Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help - we’re explaining what blind spots are, how to check them, and also how to minimize them in your car. 

A blind spot is a spot or area around your car that you can’t see using your mirrors or cameras. To be able to see the blind spot, you have to actually turn your head and sometimes your entire body to check it and make sure a car, bike, pedestrian, etc. isn’t in it. And they exist in nearly every car, regardless of make, model, or body type. They’re commonly cause by things like: 

  • Pillars in the car’s design 
  • Headrests on the seats 
  • Cargo stacked too high
  • Improperly positioned mirrors 

So no matter what you drive, blind spots are a road hazard you’re going to have to check and contend with every time you get behind the wheel. And it’s important to know how, because if you change lanes or turn without checking, you could get into a serious accident or collision in your N Charlotte Toyota. 

How to check a blind spot 

To check your blind spot, simply turn your head and look. It’s important to do this quickly and carefully so you can get your eyes back on the road ahead of you. If you have to turn your body, do it as minimally as possible. 

How to minimize blind spots 

You may be stuck with blind spots during your drive time, but there ARE ways to minimize them and make your commute that much safer. Here are some Toyota of N Charlotte tips to help you do it: 

  • Position your mirrors according to you. Where you sit in the driver’s seat, you should have a clear field of vision out of the back of your car via your rearview mirror. Additionally, your side mirrors should be aimed straight back and tilted inward slightly so you can see the sides of your vehicle. 
  • Be sure to pack your car carefully. Don’t stack cargo to the ceiling, and make sure that you can still see out of all car windows once you’re packed up, including the rear window. 
  • Get blind spot mirrors. Did you know that our N Charlotte Toyota parts store sells blind spot mirrors that you can affix to your existing side mirrors? These smaller mirrors will give you a clearer view of your car’s blind spot, and they’re easy and affordable. 
  • Use the blind spot monitoring system. Many of our N Charlotte Toyotas come with a blind spot monitoring system. This technology alerts you when something is in your blind spot with a chiming noise and also a flashing light in the mirror so you know it’s not safe to change lanes or turn at the moment. 

Have questions or want more safe driving tips? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today. We’re open seven days a week at (704) 875-9199. 


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