Rutherford man pleads guilty to charges surrounding S.C. woman, person from his past exclusively talks to WBTV

WBTV first broke details of this investigation into Daniel Printz back in March.
Daniel Printz pleaded guilty in federal court to killing four women in North and South Carolina. (Source: WHNS)
Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 6:37 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A family in the South Carolina upstate is a step closer to getting justice after a local North Carolina man pleaded guilty to kidnapping their loved one and killing her.

WBTV first broke details of this investigation into Daniel Printz back in March. And now, WBTV uncovered new court documents that detail what lead investigators to that woman’s body in the woods of Rutherford County and the connection to a missing Charlotte woman.

The man investigators long suspected of killing Edna Suttles appeared in federal court to plead guilty Tuesday. From the time Edna Suttles was last seen in late August-- it took investigators 9 months to find her body more than 60 miles from her home in the Greenville area.

Missing Upstate woman’s body found after 8-month search

”He does not need to be out,” says a person from Daniel Printz’s past.

This person spoke exclusively with WBTV about his past actions and the crimes Printz is pleading guilty to in South Carolina.

”He would just love to show off. He would just progress from one thing to the next,” says the person.

The details from the criminal complaint are horrifying to this person familiar with Printz but they say none of them are surprising.

This criminal complaint is from Greenville County South Carolina and sheds details on the missing person case that led to Printz’s arrest. Daniel Printz has been charged with kidnapping resulting in death for a woman named Edna Suttles.

Suttles was reported missing August 28th. On August 30th, the criminal complaint says investigators searched Suttles’ home for evidence. Printz was arrested for stealing Suttles’ car a few weeks later and investigators were able to question him three times about her disappearance.

During one of those interviews, sheriff’s deputies found out Printz wiped down Suttles’ car. Over the course of the next month or so deputies uncovered cell phone information that put Printz in the same parking lot where Suttles went missing. They also found Suttles’ DNA on rubber gloves and zip ties on Printz property.

”I was never surprised. Of course, I was shocked that someone you know could do such a thing. But it didn’t surprise me in the end,” says the person.

No surprise from this person because of the signs they say they saw. The trouble started back in his teenage years.

”He killed the neighbor’s dog and she later found the dog with an arrow in it,” they say. ”He went into the army right out of high school. He was basically told if he didn’t go into the army he would go to jail because he was in trouble then.”

The criminal complaint also talks about Printz as a person of interest in missing person cases for other older women and refers back to a kidnapping conviction in Michigan. A case the person who knew Printz was also familiar with.

“She had her wrists shackled and her legs tied up with duct tape. And she woke up in the back of his vehicle. I guess she felt she had nothing to lose. She grabbed a screwdriver on the floor and slashed his throat,” says the anonymous person.

So why all of this is coming out now? In one of his interviews, Printz said he was trying to disclose his sins and purge himself. A statement this person believes could be true.

”In the end, you have to answer for everything you do here on Earth. Maybe he’s thinking more about his future I don’t know,” they say.

Right now, Printz has not been charged in connection to Nancy Rego’s disappearance, even though they found evidence related to her case in his home. He was sentenced in Greenville on the charges resulting from Suttles’. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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