Brandon Wilson continues his charity with $1,500 donation to Levine Children’s Hospital

Brandon Wilson donation
Brandon Wilson donation(Family Photo)
Published: May. 5, 2022 at 10:43 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A month ago, we introduced 11-year-old Brandon Wilson. He was raising money for a local children’s hospital and on Thursday, he presented a check to Levine Children’s for $1,567.60.

When we first posted, he’d raised $800. Almost double the charity since. All money was raised from selling wristbands and coffee mugs.

“We are a grateful family,” said his dad, David Wilson. “Michelle and I are grateful for the fine hospital workers who save so many lives, including the life of our son. And we’re grateful for our son, Brandon, who started his own company (called Beemer, Inc.) He’s a proud 2009 graduate of the NICU at Levine Children’s, and as CEO of this 501(c)3 he established, is raising funds for healthcare workers. He was born at 30-weeks old and weighed 2-lbs, 0-ounces. He didn’t come home until he was nine weeks old and knows it’s because of them that he’s alive today.”

When he did come home many years ago, Brandon had significant issues... but was tough.

“Tiny, but tough,” his dad says. “He’s still catching up in some ways,” said David. “But he’s also a straight-A student and works hard. He has more desire to achieve things than anyone I know. He taught himself to learn Arabic for a 3rd-grade ancestry project, and origami, just because. He likes magic, basketball, playing the piano, playing the saxophone, and has tenacity.”

As mentioned in the first post on Brandon (which is here >>, his mom is also an amazing fighter.

A year ago, Michelle Wilson got COVID and went on a ventilator. She was there through Mother’s Day 2021, fought through septic shock, kidney failure, dialysis, and was given a zero rating when she went into rehab.

She left rehab three weeks later walking, climbing, and surviving. During Michelle’s stay in the hospital though, David and Brandon said they felt pretty helpless.

“But a call from Molly Whitt from Child Life was an amazing blessing,” David said. “She and Brandon spoke for hours every day about what Michelle was going through. She helped Brandon understand. They also played board games over Facetime. Molly arranged to have flowers brought to our house to plant a special garden and got funding for an iPad so we could Facetime Michelle in the ICU. Quite simply, Molly made our experience more bearable. She was a bright light in a very scary time.”

At Christmas, Brandon wanted to give family and friends bracelets he made that said, #PRAYERSWORK. They worked, he said, for his mom. He then thought he could sell them and raise money for charity. He started his non-profit in early December last year and today, presented the first check.

The first link has more on Brandon as well, and his fundraising and motivation to help other sick children. Pretty cool, Levine Children’s. Can only assume you’re honored and thrilled. An 11-year-old paying it all forward.

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