Zander Brafford’s cystic fibrosis is under control, check-up finds

Zander is a 5-year-old from Gaston County.
Zander Brafford
Zander Brafford(Family photo)
Published: May. 4, 2022 at 9:37 PM EDT
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LOWELL, N.C. (WBTV) - No news is good news, right? That’s the general thought behind this update on Zander Brafford, a Gaston County boy who turned five, on March 31.

“His cystic fibrosis is finally under control,” his mom Haley said. “It has been for a bit, and he started Pre-K this year. He loves it. Definitely a class clown! Full of humor and love, just as he always has been.”

This picture she sent is solid proof.

Zander and his family live in Lowell. He went to a big doctor appointment a couple weeks ago to check his sweat Chloride level. Haley wrote before they went.

“Fingers crossed those levels haven’t increased,” she said. “Things have been good, but any parent of a child with uphill battles knows there is anticipation before any check-up.”

Days later, she wrote with how things went…

“His check-up was great!” she said. “His CF doctors are pleased with how well he’s doing so we are going to continue the treatment he’s currently using of inhalers and chest physical therapy. (He calls it his ‘shaky vest.’)”

When we first met Zander in March 2019, he was really going through tough times. He’d been admitted to the hospital multiple times, had surgery, and on top of his CF, was diagnosed with encephalopathy white matter disease of the brain. At that time, Haley said they were taking things one day at a time.

Reading a positive update from her about her son is a wonderful turn of events.

Helloooooo, Zander. Keep on smiling. Or, making faces.


Zander Brafford
Zander Brafford(Family photo)

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