You guys did it! You helped Jessalee!

“I went from worrying about how to feed my daughter, to how to thank everyone,” her mom said.
After reaching out to #MollysKids, Jessalee Whitesides was able to receive more than 25 packages of formula.
Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 10:18 PM EDT
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DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Late Monday afternoon we had an urgent #MollysKids post about a specific formula needed for a Davie County girl named Jessalee Whitesides.

She is allergic to all but 10 foods. With the baby formula shortage, she can’t get the one formula she needs to survive. Jessalee also lives with autism and can’t just “switch” formulas because of her severe sensory issues. Her mom reached out, a post was published and WITHIN TWO HOURS, you guys came through.

“I reached out in desperation,” mom Jessi Whitesides said. “The outpouring was amazing. People started contacting me to help get Jessalee her formula. I went from worrying about how to feed my daughter, to how to thank everyone. With everything coming in because of that #MollysKids post, we should have 27 cans coming in. Enough to feed Jessalee for a month, if not more!”

Also, Jessi said she found out from talking with WIC that the shortage on Neocate Junior Unflavored formula will last three more months before it’s consistently available. So, the gifts you guys gave—not only promised, but actually drove to the town of Advance in Davie County and delivered—is amazing.

“The morning after your post we received 16 cans from one parent named Miranda,” said Jessi. “She’s in Gaston County and her husband delivered them. Her story is not mine to tell, but it’s a special one. Another woman named Julie, also in Gaston County, has some cans we’re planning to pick up later this week.”

“And Debi, Melissa, Leigh, Christy, and Martha sent cans from Amazon or eBay. I am keeping track of all their names and what they’re doing for my daughter. Their kindness and generosity is remarkable. Thank you, thank you all so much.”

Jessi says our #MollysKids post even reached the UK. She had people reaching out to others in England to see if they could help.

“Without all this kindness, I know we’d be having a feeding tube placed in my daughter,” she said. “The fact multiple people donated, found, ordered, or delivered this formula is mind-blowing. Jessalee won’t need a feeding tube. We can keep going.”

To read more about Jessalee, and how we got here, go to the link from Monday.

Love you guys. Love this page. Love #MollysKids.


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