‘Weddington Green, Weddington Gone?’: Residents raising concerns over proposed rezoning for mixed-use project in Town of Weddington

A proposal to re-zone a portion of the town of Weddington is set to be up for public discussion and a vote by town council one week from today
Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 7:47 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - More than 2,000 people have signed a petition to reject a mixed-use development project in the town of Weddington called Weddington Green.

On March 14th, the proposal is scheduled to be up for public discussion and a vote by Town Council.

It has already been recommended to Town Council by the Planning Board.

The project calls for 85 acres along the east side of Providence Road and the south side of Weddington Road being re-zoned to conditional zoning and transformed into single family homes, retail and green space.

Some longtime residents of the town are concerned how this could impact the area.

Mark Miller bought a house in the town of Weddington more than a decade ago

“The bottom line is even under the current zoning laws, we are well over capacity in the schools, traffic is horrendous, the infrastructure hasn’t kept up,” Miller said.

He says the town is already struggling to keep up with growth and he worries that the proposed Weddington Green will add density and make traffic along Providence Road and surrounding areas worse.

“Who with any sanity and logic would approve conditional zoning to an area that’s already above capacity?” he said.

The proposed project would include 168 residential units, retail, a park, greenway and amphitheater.

“Weddington Green will equal Weddington Gone,” Miller said. “Depending on your perspective, it’s either a really good thing or a really bad thing.”

Mark Brown, who has owned a home in Weddington since 1991, is concerned that this will turn into another shopping center like Waverly in south Charlotte.

“We have everything we need just over the county line,” Brown said. “Weddington does not need that.”

Development company Provident Land is behind the proposal. President Tom Waters says the project is being misrepresented.

Waters says it would serve as a town center with a Main Street full of farm-to-table restaurants that would fit in with the culture of Weddington and only enhance it.

“They’ll have restaurants that they’ve wanted, walkable bike trails that they’ve wanted, and a park for them, their children, their grandchildren,” Waters said.

Waters said his company will pay for the maintenance of the park for the first three years of its operation until the homes are built and tax revenue can support the park.

He also says the residential units would also allow for more people to stay in town longer.

“Folks are aging out of their homes, where they don’t want to maintain the lot or large home,” he said. “They want to stay in Weddington but there is no place for them to move to. We are offering some very nice homes within this setting for those folks to choose.”

The Town Council meeting is scheduled for Monday March 14th at 7pm at All Saints Anglican Church.

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