Charlotte artist says mural was accidentally painted over, urges for new piece to reflect community

One of the most notable symbols in the original piece was a lotus flower, The artist says it signifies rebirth and growth.
If you’ve ever walked or driven through NoDa you’ve probably seen several big and bold murals decorating buildings, now one building is missing its staple piece
Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 7:05 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If you’ve ever walked or driven through NoDa you’ve probably seen several big and bold murals decorating buildings, now one building is missing its staple piece.

North Carolina native Osiris Rain is no stranger to NoDa’s art scene.

“I’d like to think that what I’m creating and what I’m putting out into the world is positive and gives something back to the community that it’s in and brings people joy,” Rain said.

More than six years ago he was commissioned to paint a Stella Artois advertisement on the side of a building at the corner of North Davidson and 35th street.

After the lease ended, he painted a new mural, “Bloom,” over the advertisement for free.

“That was there for about six years and it was a staple,” he said.

On Tuesday Rain was working on a new mural off of Park Road in Charlotte, that’s when his phone started blowing up with notifications that “Bloom” had disappeared.

He called his partner who works at Pura Vida Worldly Art, one of the stores inside of the building. She ran outside and saw that “Bloom” was gone.

“The entire wall was completely painted, nobody had any idea what happened,” Rain said.

Rain says a local company had been contracted to paint over a building mural in NoDa - but they accidentally picked the wrong one.

WBTV contacted Chapman Chastain who works with Ascent Real Estate Partners, the third party that rents out the building at 3200 N. Davidson Street

Chastain says he was ‘devastated’ the mistake happened and said it was a communication error between the mural company and the painting company that was supposed to paint the fire station side of the building.

He went on to say he has talked to all the tenants and nearby businesses to assure them it was an honest mistake and that they are working with the artist and the mural company to have a new iteration of ‘Bloom’ commissioned and done as soon as possible.

Bloom’s covering didn’t just bother Rain, people in NoDa also told WBTV they were upset.

“Oh, I’m going to take my friends to NoDa. They’re coming from Ohio. I’m like you gotta see it! And now there’s nothing there,” one woman said.

Rain’s Bloom is now buried under red paint and the snarky written message “nice mural it be a shame if someone painted over it.”

One of the most notable symbols in Bloom is the lotus flower, Rain says it signifies rebirth and growth.

“Honestly, it’s almost a little poetic considering that the lotus mural and the icon of the lotus flower is symbolic of the neighborhood in the idea of growth and change,” Rain said in an Instagram post.

Rain is now in the process of working out an agreement with the mural company, building owners, and contractors. He will be commissioned to paint a new piece and says he wants to make sure the new painting is reflective of the neighborhood.

“They’re currently wanting the old piece completely just redone, I’m personally not open to that,” he said. “I believe it should be something new and representative of NoDa today.”

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