S.C. counties prepare ahead of winter storm bringing dangerous wintry mix

Our South Carolina counties are preparing for a dangerous mix of sleet and rain followed be freezing temperatures.
Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 10:53 PM EST
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YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - While the fast-approaching winter storm is expected to dump more than a foot of snow in the mountains, our South Carolina counties are preparing for a dangerous mix of sleet and rain followed by freezing temperatures.

They are preparing for a major ice event. They say this could be a “devastating” storm because that ice could knock down trees and power lines and leave the roads slick and dangerous.

The emergency manager in Lancaster County, Darren Player, says Saturday night the winter weather response plan will start. That is when our WBTV meteorologist say this winter storm will start to make an appearance. However, they are getting ready ahead of time with people already out and ready to respond through the county. Now EMS will be also out for assistance but if they need support such as moving a tree limb or helping with a rescue, they will have to call and ask for support.

That is a little bit different in Chester County. EMS and Fire are getting ready now and checking equipment to make sure everything runs smoothly, but EMS and Fire will go out together in the county in case people need help with tree limbs or ice build ups.

WBTV is waiting on information from York and Chesterfield Counties.

Icy conditions make for dangerous roads. It is the warning coming out from South Carolina state officials—beware of snow-covered roads and black ice, but there are agency out there working to keep the roads clear and safe even under the slick circumstances.

The message here is to stay off the roads. If you do not have a very good reason to be out here, state leaders say they would rather people stay home. However, they are also working to keep you safe just in case.

”Pretty spooked about it,” says one person who was preparing for the snow.

It is winter weather season and the weather we could see in our South Carolina counties could be a doozy.

”Really concerns me about getting into accidents,” says another.

A wintery mix of sleet, snow and freezing rain is expected to descend on the Palmetto state setting up the potential for downed trees and powerlines and some slick, icy roads.

”We just stay home,” says one woman. “We don’t normally venture out on the ice when it’s like that.”

That is the advice Master Trooper Gary Miller is giving to people. Do not drive unless there is a very good reason to.

”We’re kind of lucky because it’s coming in on a weekend and Monday is a holiday so schools and a lot of businesses will be closed,” says Miller.

If you do need help though, troopers are all hands-on deck through Monday albeit a lot slower than you might be used to.

”We can’t ride our normal speeds either. We don’t want to be part of the problem we’re here to be part of the solution. I can’t help you if I’m stuck in the ditch too,” says Miller.

To prevent any road problems as best it can, SCDOT sent trucks out to pre-treat the roads. People might even spot them on I-77.

”SCDOT’s priority first is safety. That’s why we’ve been pre-treating the roads early. That’s definitely something we want to get ahead of,” says Brittany Harriot, SCDOT spokesperson.

Harriot says the agency has people on standby all the way to the coast and while it is recommended you do not drive, SCDOT is getting the roads ready for those who have to.

”They should feel safe that SCDOT is helping them out on all of the roads possible,” she says.

SCDOT will be working to clear those roads of snow and ice as fast as possible but if some is finding themselves in a situation where the road is not being cleared, call the SCDOT call center and they will try to get a crew out as soon as they can. If anyone needs help from troopers, the number is *HP.

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