With weekend winter storm looming for Charlotte; some rush to stores, others wait to see

Although there’s a lot of interest about the prospect of snow, some people are not as thrilled or simply not rushing to buy milk, eggs and bread.
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 9:22 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 13, 2022 at 9:24 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A winter storm is less than three days out and many from the mountains to south Charlotte are starting to prepare.

People at Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte are starting to rush to the stores as the chance for snow and ice gets closer.

Although there’s a lot of interest about the prospect of snow, some people are not as thrilled or simply not rushing to buy milk, eggs and bread.

“North Carolinians or I guess southerners don’t know how to drive in snow. I’m a southerner, I don’t know how to drive in snow either, I’d rather it not snow at all,” Chisa Brookes of Charlotte said.

“I didn’t buy anything because of the snow, I just, like I say I’m not worried about it because I’m from western New York and believe me I can stay in for a day if it gets a little icy,” Sandy Roether of Charlotte said.

Despite their opinions, a lot of people shopping Thursday believe and feel something frozen will fall from the sky in Charlotte this weekend and are preparing.

“Today I got a sled with hopes that my 14-year-old daughter who’s in a leg cast can sled, salt to de-ice our driveway, if need be, along with ice scrapers and a few flashlights just in case,” Angie Willis of Charlotte said.

The rush to get winter-ready kits together is on throughout our region.

Just yesterday, Blackhawk Hardware store had hundreds of winter-weather items available for people to buy, but that has all changed in 24 hours with the store selling out of all items Thursday afternoon.

The general manager tells WBTV items started going fast once the store opened Thursday morning. It was one of many stops for people looking for sleds, ice melt, shovels, and ice scrapers for the storm.

“I hope that we get lots of snow and no ice,” said “Willis, “If we get the ice, I’m prepared with the de-icing salt, the scrapers, good food to eat at home, flashlights, candles and good board games leftover from the holidays.”

Blackhawk Hardware says it started with 600 sleds Wednesday but ran out of supplies quickly Thursday.

“It’s fun to see the sleds go out because you know the kids are going to have a blast, around here if they’re growing up, they don’t get to see a lot of snow so it’s fun to see that and knowing the people that are buying the ice melt are at least preparing their homes for it too,” said Craig Anderson, General Manager of Blackhawk Hardware.

If you need items for your home, keep in mind it’s important to have batteries, a flashlight, salt or kitty litter for sidewalks and traction for your car.

A shipment of ice melt is expected Friday before the storm, but due to supply chain issues, the hardware store will not get a new shipment of sleds and other items until after the winter storm.

The general manager tells WBTV most of the snow and ice items sold Thursday had been in storage for the past three years because of the lack of snow in Charlotte.

Grocery stores and hardware stores will likely run out of essential food, sleds, ice melt and other goods, but stores that sell outdoor clothing are fully stocked.

Great Outdoor Provision Company has seen business pick up over the last two days with this winter storm approaching.

Some of the most popular items are snow boots, socks, snow pants, and coats for the cold weather coming along with the snow and ice.

The store says it’s important that people layer up this weekend if you have plans to be outside.

“I believe the first layer right next to your skin is the most important so a good set of long underwear, and then keeping your core warm, so a vest of some sort, hat and gloves,” Rudy Hayden, the General Manager of Great Outdoor Provision said.

Since the area is anticipating ice, the store offer provisions so people could cook with a camping stove if their power goes out, this is an item that should be used outside.

If you’re not able to make it to the store to get snow boots or heavy coats, make sure you layer up. The general manager added that waterproof hiking boots will also get the job done when dealing with snow and ice.

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