Gaston County woman says her hair fell out after using dye

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 5:26 PM EST
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GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) - A Gaston County woman woke up to find clumps of her hair missing after using a hair dye product.

Sandie Toomer said she’s colored her hair before with other products and never had an experience like this. She said losing large amounts of her hair has caused her a lot of psychological harm and now she just wants to be acknowledged and compensated for what happened.

“This is all my hair,” Sandie Toomer told WBTV, holding out a handful of hair.

Her husband reminded her it was only some of it.

Toomer was just looking to cover up some grey but says she got a fistful of hair instead.

“I was surprised, I was livid, I was hurt,” Toomer said.

Toomer bought Kiss Colors Tintation in October and by the next morning says the unintended consequences started to take effect. Her hair all around the back of her neck had started falling off.

“I’m panicking and I’m like this is crazy because before I use this product, I had a head full of long, thick hair,” Toomer said.

Another online review claimed to have the same experience with the same product.

Toomer said she is very careful in picking out hair products and chose Kiss Tintations because it says on the label it does not contain ingredients like ammonia, peroxide or sulfates.

“Because a lot of the ammonia and the sulfates they brittle your hair out, they make your hair come out. So that was something that we were looking at and making sure we didn’t get anything that would damage my hair,” Toomer said.

Toomer wanted to know what went wrong and she wanted to be compensated. She reached out to Kiss Products, which initially sent her an apology email.

But later when following up with a claim representative, she was told there was nothing wrong with the batch of products that included the hair dye she bought.

WBTV reached out to Kiss Colors to find out what went wrong and whether they would reconsider compensating Toomer. Even after several emails and calls, the company has not responded. The warning label does not say anything about hair falling out but does warn about the possibility of allergic reactions.

“There’s been a very bad emotional battle for me from this because of the simple fact that I trusted this company, I trusted their product,” Toomer said.

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