Salisbury Police Department reveal goals for 2022

Crime reduction, staffing, community relations all get attention
Strengthening partnerships with other agencies is among the goals for SPD in 2022.
Strengthening partnerships with other agencies is among the goals for SPD in 2022.(David Whisenant-WBTV)
Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 6:41 AM EST
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SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) - Salisbury Police Chef Jerry Stokes recently presented the Chief’s Citizen Advisory Board with goals the department hopes to reach in 2022. The goals include efforts to reduce crime, dealing with staffing challenges, and the relationship between police and the community.

The Salisbury Police Department will be guided towards these goals during CY2022 to achieve the SPD Five Year Strategic Plan Goals published in CY2019 and uphold the Pillars of 21st Century Policing principles, according to Chief Stokes.

Department Goals: 1. To work toward reaching Strategic Goal 1; Improve Collaboration with External Partners and Stakeholder, SPD will work toward these efforts in CY2022:


-During CY2022, SPD will continue to develop the Rowan Regional Crime Center to include Rowan County law enforcement partners to enhance our regional crime reduction efforts to combat violent gun crime, the opioid addiction crisis, and other identified community law enforcement and policing needs.

-During CY2022, SPD will fully implement the BJA Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation grant; The West End Salisbury Transformed Empowered Neighborhood Development (WEST END) Project.

-During CY2022, SPD will complete outreach to improve police-community relations in conjunction with the Chief’s Citizen Advisory Board funded with a Duke Energy Foundation grant.

-During CY2022, SPD will implement and fund a Teens and Police Service Academy (TAPS Academy) to create a police and at-risk youth partnership to address community conditions.

-During CY2022, SPD will implement a Lotus Project program in partnership with local mental health or developmental disabilities service providers that involves SPD Officer direct interaction with Rowan County community members in a positive setting.

-During CY2022, SPD will continue external education and outreach opportunities throughout the year by offering; community classrooms, summer youth mentoring camps, and a National Night Out event as permitted under pandemic gathering restrictions.

-During CY2022, SPD will work with stakeholders to implement a school justice initiative to effectively address school-based offenses as a guide for School Resource Officer actions.

To work toward reaching Strategic Goal 2; Improve Communication and Coordination, SPD will work toward these efforts in CY2022:


-During CY2022, SPD will continue regular “accountability” and team and unit coordination meetings referred to as Monthly Crime Report Out Meeting and Bi-weekly Crime Review Meetings, where various workgroups manage efforts and communication exchange. In addition, SPD will enhance the sessions by developing a “what and why” approach to problem identification and workgroup commitment to contribute to problem-solving efforts.

-During CY2022, SPD will begin to hold regular “accountability” meetings, referred to as Monthly Traffic Crash and Stop Report Out Meeting, where various workgroups manage efforts and communication exchange related to traffic enforcement. In addition, SPD will use our successful model to address traffic accidents, complaints, conditions, and enforcement approaches throughout the city that have become a growing concern for residents and visitors.

3. To work toward reaching Strategic Goal 3; Enhanced Intelligence Operations and Investigations, SPD will work toward these efforts in CY2022:


-During CY2022, SPD will continue enhanced training in crime scene processing of a selected detective by supporting identified specialty training.

-By March 1, 2022, SPD will develop an Investigative Standard Operating Procedures manual.

-During CY2022, SPD will fund an effective evidentiary testing program to include private and state laboratories for timely evidence analysis for FY2022-2023.

-During CY2022, SPD will fully review policy and practices regarding evidence submission, processing, and storage and will complete a purge of items stored that are no longer necessary for prosecution or required to be stored for justice purposes.

4. To work toward reaching Strategic Goal 4; Improve Training and Professional Development of the Department Staff, SPD will work toward these efforts in CY2022:


-During CY2022, SPD will develop a plan in coordination with the City Manager, Human Resources, and Finance to fund a workable internal Career Development Plan employees can use to achieve their identified professional goals through training and experiential growth.

-During CY2022, SPD will develop a policy and practice for specialized position selection that includes prerequisite training.

-During CY2022, SPD will develop a skills training program in conjunction with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Law Enforcement In-Service Training Program that provides regular training of all personnel in relevant topics.

-During CY2022, SPD will review the Promotional Process policy and practice to ensure best practices in promoting to greater leadership opportunities. Salisbury Police Department Goals and Objectives for Calendar Year 2022

-By July 1, 2022, SPD will submit a budget that recognizes operational needs to maintain the level of service preferred by our community. SPD will complete an assessment of resources and present information to City Management and City Council regarding the complex needs for Salisbury’s policing budget.

5. Strategic Goal 5; Maintain a Quality Sworn and Civilian Workforce through the following efforts:


-During CY2022, SPD will recruit and retain employees so sworn and non-sworn staffing levels reach and or maintain 95% of the fiscally authorized staffing.

-During CY2022, SPD will develop an internal DEI task force to ensure our workforce atmosphere is equitable and welcoming.

-During CY2022, SPD will continue to implement the recommendations from the SPD climate assessment completed by WPR Consulting in June 2021.

-During CY2022, SPD will work with City Human Resources, City Finance, and the city retained Management and Personnel Services Group to ensure pay, benefits, and other incentives are comparable for the area market to ensure the SPD is competitive in recruiting and retaining qualified employees.

-During CY2022, SPD will continue to fund Officer Wellness Check-ins to support a healthy work mindset and conditions.

-By December 31, 2022, SPD will complete a workload assessment to effectively determine the staffing necessary to provide policing services to the Salisbury community.

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