#MollysKids: Update on Preston Parker, with a message from Tim Tebow

Tonight their mom, Sharon, wrote with an update, though this one not as happy to relay.
Preston Jackson (left) in ICU this week. 
Preston with his mother (right) on Christmas Eve
Preston Jackson (left) in ICU this week. Preston with his mother (right) on Christmas Eve(WBTV)
Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 10:30 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We have an update on Preston and Parker Jackson, the two brothers from Rutherford County battling the same rare type of cancer.

Preston is older (pictured above with his mom); Parker is younger. Both became part of our amazing #MollysKids in 2017. Lots happened after their story was posted. Parker got a full ride scholarship to Wingate University after leaders read about him, and he has since graduated with honors (we did a story on WBTV News which you can see on YouTube, here >>, and People Magainze picked up their story as well.

Dream On 3 also helped them meet their sports hero, Tim Tebow.

Tonight their mom, Sharon, wrote with an update, though this one not as happy to relay.

“We found out three weeks ago that Preston is Type 1 diabetic,” she said. “He had most of his pancreas removed several months ago. The surgeon left the head of the pancreas so this wouldn’t happen, but sometimes it does anyway. Him being diabetic on top of his cancer diagnosis was a lot to learn. He was trying to manage it with pills and injections, but it was all over the place. A pump will probably be best suited for his needs, but at this time he has no medical insurance and doesn’t qualify for Medicaid.”

Preston Jackson pictured last month
Preston Jackson pictured last month(WBTV)

But that’s not even the main issue on why Sharon wrote. She wrote because on Monday, December 27th, she texted her son at 1:06 am when she couldn’t sleep, and he responded. But at 8:45 am, her mom checked in on him and he was unresponsive.

“Between 1:06 am and 8:45 am, something happened,” Sharon said. “EMS arrived and he wasn’t breathing. They sent him to the nearest hospital and he was on a ventilator for seven days. Tonight, Tuesday, he remains in ICU and in critical condition. We have no idea what transpired. We can only guess that his sugar dropped, he vomited, and aspirated... we do know he for sure aspirated because his lungs show they did. He also has pneumonia in both lungs but tested negative for COVID. We found out today his infection in the lungs is not getting better. Tomorrow they will do a bronchial scope--I hope that helps give us answers. We need them desperately.”

It’s a lot for a mom who has already spent years handling lots of things for both her boys.

This picture of Sharon and Preston was taken on Christmas Eve, days before he was hospitalized.

When Tim Tebow heard about what happened, he sent a personal video message to Preston. You can see it in this post in the comments.

“Thank you for just listening,” Sharon wrote. “You never know how life will go and this hit us out of nowhere. Because I know you’ll ask, I’ll say upfront, his brother Parker is doing well and just stared his second semester of grad school. Thank goodness. We’re just very worried right now about Preston.”

The Good, the Bad, and the Always Real.

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