Inflation impacting shoppers on Christmas Eve

“I usually try to get everybody something,”
The sticker shock you’re seeing forced some people to cut-back on their gift-giving this season.
Published: Dec. 24, 2021 at 10:59 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If prices seemed particularly high this shopping season, you’re right.

The sticker shock you’re seeing forced some people to cut back on their gift-giving this season.

Four out of ten Americans say they’re seeing higher levels of supply chain issues, which is driving up prices.

Michael Rousso, Vice President of Brownlee Jewelers said, “I love having smiling faces coming in one after another, getting to help so many people.”

It’s every store’s favorite time of the year, a moment to make it or break it when it comes to their bottom line.

Harold Rousso, owner of Brownlee Jewelers said, “our Christmas season is very important to our entire retail year, probably more so than most retailers.”

Although some businesses have faced challenges with the supply chain and increased cost, Brownlee Jewelers says business is fine and they haven’t passed on increased prices to customers.

“Nothing in the supply chain has impacted our business, and of course, we plan months in advance for the Christmas season,” said Rousso.

But some shoppers buying gifts this holiday seasoning are feeling the opposite – “The inflation is a bit much though,” said Tahjee Woods.

“I’ve tried to avoid it because I’ve heard that everything is kind of hectic, so I’ve done a lot of gift cards which is different than what I normally do,” Isabella Mahan added.

While 40% of Americans are cutting back, nearly half are buying gifts at the same level.

Tahjee Woods said, “I usually try to get everybody something, but now it’s like you’re trying to get your close family members, or people that are really close to you.”

As the holiday shopping season officially ends, some shoppers believe spending time with family is the best gift overall.

“I like to think that being in person is the most important thing than getting people every gift they wanted,” said Mahan.

Some may say it’s too late for a holiday gift, but there’s roughly 10 percent of people who didn’t buy for the holiday or plan to go shopping in the coming days after Christmas. When it comes to inflation, customers are hopeful things will be closer to normal next year.

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