‘It’s making it hard for us to focus’: West Charlotte High School senior, parent share how recent violence is impacting them

“It’s making it hard for us to focus”: West Charlotte High School senior and parent share how recent violence is impacting them
Published: Dec. 14, 2021 at 6:18 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - West Charlotte High School families are reeling after a student opened fire on campus on Monday.

No one was hurt, but some students fear that won’t be the case if there is a next time.

Jahzara Horton and her mother Stephanie say until something changes at home, it will not change in the schools.

When a shot was fired Monday afternoon, Jahzara Horton had just left campus for her after school job.

Her mother and her friends did not know where she was.

“It was really scary because you hear about school shootings and stuff like that all the time, and you have no idea what the situation was until later so it’s scary,” Stephanie said.

It’s scary but her daughter says unfortunately it is not shocking.

“It’s a norm,” she said. “It’s normal for them to talk about weapons. It’s just regular talk. They’re not expecting to get in trouble by it or by what they say, it’s just normal.”

She says the constant fights and lockdowns are taking away from her education.

As a senior, she’s looking forward to college, where she hopes to major in business management.

“It’s making it hard for us to focus on what we’re really going to school for,” she said. “We’re sitting here worrying about what’s gonna happen or who did this.”

Her siblings will also attend West Charlotte one day and her mother wants to see metal detectors.

“I hate that it has to go that far but something has to be done, something has to be done,” she said.

At the end of the day, she believes it all starts at home.

“Be more present,” she said. “Go in their rooms and talk to them for no reason. Go search through their stuff. They’re kids. Be their parents, don’t be their friends. I know it’s hard for single parent families because they’re at work all the time, but just try as much as you can to stay involved in their every day lives.”

Jahzara says students got an email today saying they will be back in the classroom on Wednesday. The note also said all classes will remain on a modified lockdown for the rest of the week, with more security measures to be announced in the morning.

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