Community Conversation: Anthony Hamilton talks about his present and future, new album

Hamilton talked about why he gave the title “Love Is the New Black”
Published: Dec. 10, 2021 at 7:16 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Grammy winner Anthony Hamilton is talking about his new album “Love Is The New Black.”

He is the subject of this week’s WBTV’s Community Conversation.

Hamilton talked about why he gave the title “Love Is the New Black.”

“Everybody has that favorite black sneaker,” Anthony Hamilton said. “Favorite Black car, favorite Black boot, jacket, hat. I want love to be that thing that you pick up. That thing that you grab to make that priority.”

Hamilton said he wrote some of the songs while in quarantine and others before the pandemic. He recorded some songs at Charlotte Recording Studio Maximus. The songs deal with real issues and Black lives. He did a song entitled “Safe.”

It deals with violence in our schools.

“Safe is one of those songs that deals with the safety of our kids,” Hamilton said. “Things that I see in the world that’s happening nationwide not just in the urban communities. It’s getting dangerous to go to schools for kids, so being a father I wanted to speak about that - want to put love back in the schools...the thugs always need a hug. Everybody needs a hug. It can change the way you feel about yourself and it can set you on a new path.”

He also did a song called “Mama Don’t Cry.”

“That’s for George Floyd,” he said. “And all the George Floyd’s, Breanna Taylor’s that we lost. We have to ride for them. Go out and make something happen in their honor and to make sure that justice is put in its proper place. Change the way we think and change the way we love each other.”

Hamilton teamed up with other artists for this album like Lil’ Jon, Rick Ross, and Jennifer Hudson.

He says he wants people to have a good feeling after listening to his album.

“I think music has the power to heal,” Hamilton said. “It has the power and the ability to seep through the cracks of someone who can be closed-minded to me or to you. It vibrates differently than a conversation. People can listen to my music in the privacy of their home and might not even like the hue of my skin but the message that I have I can plant a seed and it’s a powerful thing.”

Hamilton says he loves Charlotte and plans to remain here to develop talent here and put them on his music label. He also will remain busy with his foundation called TASTE (Take A Step To Elevate).

“ help men and boys with mental illness,” Hamilton said. “And give them the tools to use so they can make sound decisions and healthy decisions.”

He believes it was important for him to start his foundation. He says there was a reason why he established TASTE.

“Just being in situations where you see people who didn’t want to ask for help because the fear of being called crazy,” Hamilton said. “Or looked at like they didn’t have it all together. And just wanted to stop people from taking their lives - just letting them know that it’s ok if you are not ok right now. It’s ok.”

Hamilton said he plans to continue to create music for a long time.

“Absolutely,” Hamilton said. “I’m a do it til I can’t breathe - until it’s over. I’m going to sing. I am going to do a residency somewhere like Vegas and New York, Chicago and Charlotte - places like that. where I don’t have to travel as much but I can still enjoy the beauty of music.”

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