The future of uptown Charlotte and the Epicentre

“I really do hope that more restaurants fill the space”
The future of uptown Charlotte development
Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 8:29 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - City leaders and people who live in uptown both have bright ideas for what should come to the uptown area. This comes as fortune 500 companies call the city home and people wanting more entertainment options.

As Honeywell officially opened its global headquarters in Charlotte, city leaders are hopeful it will create momentum after almost two years of pandemic life, which kept many workers and visitors home.

Michael Smith, the CEO of Charlotte Center City Partners said “For us to continue to grow jobs, it takes two things, the creation of new office space and talent and when you bring those two together, you become a super attractive market.”

While Honeywell joins major companies including Lowes, Credit Karma and Truist in bringing beautiful new skyscrapers and thousands of jobs to Charlotte, one hopeful win for uptown entertainment would be a reimagined Epicentre, which currently sits in foreclosure.

Charlotte’s newest Fortune 500 company officially opened its new headquarters Wednesday.

“The Epicentre is a really important place for our center city because it’s a crossroads, and it has a lot of infrastructure, a lot of space for entertainment assets,” said Smith.

Matthew McVicker, a resident of Charlotte said “they could really rebrand themselves as a new thing as opposed to what everyone thinks about Epicentre. If you ask anybody in Charlotte, they’ll go yeah, great potential, but just the execution was really bad.”

To regain its popularity with paying customers, a new and improved Epicentere will need more than a few new bars and restaurants.

“I really do hope that more restaurants fill the space and maybe a couple of fun bars, but I was initially told when I came here just by a few people that I shouldn’t really go there to go out because there’s a lot of crime,” said Mary Elizabeth Cooper, a resident of Charlotte.

Michael Smith with Center City Partners tells WBTV, as of right now, he’s not aware of any safety concerns with Epicentre. Smith added the future is still bright for the district, despite the looming foreclosure.

“It is too important an asset, with all of its parking, with three hotels and with all of that space, you can trust in the efficiency, liquidity of markets to help it redefine itself, and be this new asset for Charlotte on the other side,” said Smith.

People we talked to say cool things they would like to see in a reimagined epicenter would be locally owned bars, restaurants, and a sense of feeling safe.

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