Lenoir firefighters train on new equipment that will help save lives

Firefighters in Lenoir spent the afternoon getting acquainted with the new equipment
Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 3:26 PM EST
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LENOIR, N.C. (WBTV) - Three large Chevy 250 flatbed trucks will be used in tandem alongside the larger fire engines on rescue calls, but these will be able to get to places the larger vehicles couldn’t.

It’s training day for the crews over at Lenoir Fire Station One.

“It’s all right here on the center console,” An instructor said as the crews looked on.

These firefighters, some with decades under their belts, are getting something they’ve never used before.

“Wanna see it four-high?” The instructor asked.

The trucks are called the QRVs, or quick response vehicles. They’re another tool in the arsenal to be able to get to those in need quicker.

Lenoir Fire Department recently received new equipment.
Lenoir Fire Department recently received new equipment.(Provided photo)

“That’s what one thing is increasing is the medical calls because as populations are getting older, we need to get something to get to them a little more quicker,” said Lenoir Fire Chief Ken Hair.

And with a large percentage of the population here in Lenoir not only advancing in age, but living in harder to get to areas, these trucks fill that void.

“We can get these trucks into that it takes a little longer to get the bigger trucks into,” Engineer Anthony Stamper said.

The QRVs have a quicker start-up time, cut down on the driving time and put rescue crews right where they need to be. Even when it comes to bad weather conditions.

“This will allow us to pull right down the driveway and right up to the front door, so it’s going to be big,” said Price.

These aren’t firefighting units: The big engines will handle that workload. These will run on medical calls only, and fire command is confident they’ll save lives.

“It’s going to give us just a little bit more of an advantage when these go in service. And it’ll be a better service to the city of Lenoir and its citizens,” the fire chief said.

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