‘That’s a bit negligent’: Management company hired convict to manage finances for Rock Hill HOA. Now she’s facing new embezzlement charges.

WBTV Investigates: Property owners at Riverwalk are asking where their Homeowners Association fees are going
Published: Nov. 15, 2021 at 5:54 PM EST
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ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - The former CFO of a development company in Rock Hill has pleaded guilty to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company.

Residents in one community have reason to believe that money came from their HOA fees and assessments and they’re asking the developer why a CFO with a history of embezzlement was hired in the first place.

Homeowners at Riverwalk still can’t get straight answers after hundreds of thousands of dollars went missing from their HOA funds.

In June, there was a terrifying clue of where the money might have gone.

The Chief Financial Officer at Greens of Rock Hill, Lisa Rollins-Hill, was arrested. She pleaded guilty in federal court to embezzling more than $570,000 from two companies.

‘That’s a bit negligent’: Management company hired convict to manage finances for Rock Hill...
‘That’s a bit negligent’: Management company hired convict to manage finances for Rock Hill HOA. Now she’s facing new embezzlement charges.(WBTV)

Court records did not name the companies but an internal letter from the Greens of Rock Hill, the developer of Riverwalk, obtained by WBTV revealed they were “in the middle of a federal investigation against Lisa Hill, former CFO, as she embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the Association accounts from May 2020-December 2020.”

But this was not Rollins-Hill first foray into federal court.

In 2012, Rollins-Hill pleaded guilty to another wire fraud charge for stealing more than $800,000 from another company.

“You know that’s a bit negligent, to be honest,” Matt Hundelt said.

Riverwalk was built by the developer Greens of Rock Hill and managing partner Mark Mather.

Mather controlled the HOA and hired his employees to manage the association funds and improvements.

His landscapers were also hired to maintain Riverwalk.

“He tripled, almost tripled, the landscape fees and it kind of seems like a conflict of interest,” Kummer said.

But property owners would probably have been willing to look past that but for the issue of the pool.

“Not only did he promise us one pool, but he said he’s going to do three pools, and so we got really excited because we have a son who has autism and he really is very into that therapy of swimming,” said Frances Burnett.

HOA budgets obtained by WBTV show tens of thousands of dollars budgeted for the pool year after year but there was never any pool to show for it.

“Yeah, it’ll be here the next summer, and that’s kind of the lie that they kept,” Matt Hundelt said. “You know, dangling that carrot in front of us. Even the sales office tells potential buyers.”

Riverwalk owners want answers and that’s why they filed a petition with Greens of Rock Hill seeking more financial information about the HOA that they’re legally obligated to provide, but still haven’t.

They also filed a complaint with the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

WBTV reached out to Mather and his attorney to try and get answers for the people at Riverwalk and to ask why Rollins-Hill was hired in the first place but we have not received a response.

“Half our neighborhood, 600 homes, half of them signed a homeowners petition again requesting financial information,” Kummer said. “Where’s our money? Where does it go? How is it spent? That’s the biggest frustration.”

Riverwalk has hired a new HOA management company that has come in to help clean up the situation with the finances.

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