‘The most amazing blessing to witness:’ SC couple campaigns for adoption

The couple has been open about their journey with infertility, something Averie says isn’t...
The couple has been open about their journey with infertility, something Averie says isn’t talked about enough.(WIS)
Published: Nov. 13, 2021 at 5:54 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - South Carolina natives Averie and Chad Cudd are in the running to adopt a child at no cost through a nationwide campaign. They’re the only South Carolina couple in the running.

The couple has been open about their journey with infertility, something Averie says isn’t talked about enough.

“It’s a very private thing people walk through,” said Averie. “So, it’s very easy to keep that part of your story tucked away. And when it’s tucked away like that, it really affects you.”

When the two got married in 2019, they knew immediately that they wanted children. After one year and one miscarriage, Averie began IVF treatments.

“I just remember weeping and weeping, like, Lord, I don’t have children. They’re all with you,” said Averie.

The process wasn’t easy on the couple. After two years and three miscarriages, the Cudds decided it was time to pursue adoption.

The finances were being hard, we couldn’t find the funds, it was putting a strain on the marriage, it was putting a strain on the—Averie and I weren’t feeling connected, it was just being very difficult,” said Chad.

Adoption has a special place in Averie’s heart because her younger sister was adopted.

But, adoption costs four times more than IVF treatments.

“Adoption is very expensive,” said Chad. “Our adoption is going to cost the low $40,000 range.”

That’s when Averie’s sister sent along with an Instagram post from Fund the Nations. It included an application to apply for a campaign to sell shirts and sweatshirts. Each sale counts as a vote and one couple from anywhere in the U.S. with the most votes at the end of the campaign receives up to $30,000 to go toward an adoption.

“Last Friday, they sent us an email that we were in the top 25. Like, all off of an Instagram link that my sister sent me in my DM’s one day,” said Averie.

Now, the Cudds are in the top ten. Their contact with Fund the Nations updates them each night on which couples are in the top five. The Cudds have made the cut every night since Wednesday.

Averie says even if they don’t win, the process has been encouraging.

“Our community rallying around us has just been the most amazing blessing to witness,” said Averie.

And connecting with the other couples has been a rewarding experience.

“We’re all friends on Facebook,” said Averie. “We have a group chat. Even though we’re kind of against each other in who can sell the most t-shirts, it’s just a sweet kind of community. Watching all of our stories, we’re all so different, but we all have a heart for adoption, and so it’s one of those things where there’s no other circumstance where ten random families from the US would get to be together and get to talk about our hearts and our lives and what brought us here.”

The winner will be announced Tuesday at 1 a.m. EST and the Cudds are asking the community to vote by ordering a shirt or sweatshirt at this link Vote for the Cudd Family! (

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