COVID vaccine clinic at Charlotte soccer match draws in disappointing numbers

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 9:59 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Medical officials have been pushing for months on the importance of getting the Covid-19 vaccine, but there’s still worry out there. A lot of mistrust and misinformation in the community. That’s why the county health department along with StarMed camped out at the soccer game Wednesday night trying to encourage people to get the shot. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

“It’s very disappointing.”

Brittenay Causieestko is here to support the troops from StarMed trying to get the word out of how important getting the vaccine is.

“I think it’s something we need to figure out why people are very hesitant in this,” Causieestko said.

While thousands of people pushed past the StarMed clinic, just a handful actually got vaccinated.

“We cannot have thousands of people out here, and only ten doses given. We’ve got to do better than this,” Causieestko told WBTV’s Ron Lee.

The football match between Mexico and Ecuador not only drew in the crowds but the right crowds. StarMed employees say the Latin community has been slow on the draw when it comes to getting the COVID vaccine. But the only shots most people were interested in, were the shots on goal.

“Eight people vaccinated, that’s eight more people that didn’t have it,” one StarMed employee said.

And football fans travel with their teams all around the world.

“I go anywhere where the Mexican teams plays. New Zealand, Australia, Japan. All over the world,” Hector Chaves said.

Potentially leading to a higher risk of exposure. A story Causieestko knows well, having nearly lost her boyfriend to the virus.

“If I could give him that one more chance to say please go get that vaccine, I would truly want him to do that so I would never have to see him like that ever again,” she said.

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