‘He is a danger to women’: Ex-girlfriend of Charles Combs details relationship, how she escaped

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 10:12 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Bonita Jackson says she dated Charles Combs for six months in 2018. While that may seem like a short time, she says it was a nightmare.

Combs is currently accused of murdering LaPorscha Baldwin. He was extradited back to Mecklenburg County from South Carolina Tuesday morning.

In 2004, he murdered Marsheida Dorsey-Carn and would spend nearly 12 years behind bars.

“He would tell me the only way out this relationship is death,” said Jackson.

She says their relationship, which started as co-workers, seemed like it was following the script of a horror movie.

“It was like guns pulled to my day he strangled me so till I was unconscious. I thought I was gone and then when I realized I wasn’t dead I just begin to call on the name of Jesus,” she said.

Jackson pressed charges against Combs in July 2018, which included assault on a female. It was also the end of their relationship.

According to court records, Combs was found guilty and sentenced to nearly five months in jail.

It was a court date that changed Jackson’s life.

“My friend got with the police and they made a safe plan for me. He had a court date and so I went to the court date with him, he went in and I was waiting to be rescued,” she said.

Even after her escape, she says it didn’t seem real.

“Oh my god, I was like, Lord Jesus, and then even after I was set free and had to hide, it just seemed like I was still in it,” she said.

Jackson says at the beginning of their relationship, she had no idea Combs murdered Dorsey-Carn. That information, she says, was revealed to her later through a family member.

Last week, through news reports, she learned Combs was connected to the murder of LaPorscha Baldwin.

“I jumped out of my bed and said, ‘Oh, my God, I know she’s dead,’” Jackson said.

Her advice to other victims of domestic violence is to have a safe plan out.

“Please do not tell them that you’re leaving....that person knows your whereabouts and where you work and may know where your family lives,” she said. “Once you get out go to a safe place first, and tell someone so they can get the law in it,” Jackson said.

If you need help out of an abusive relationship, you can find information here.

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