‘I have back orders’: Retail shops dealing with delays due to supply chain issues

Published: Oct. 16, 2021 at 10:49 PM EDT
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MCADENVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - A McAdenville small business owner says getting items in stock is harder than ever before.

In the heart of McAdenville, better known as Christmastown USA, you’ll find Mona’s Boutique and Gifts.

They’re well known for their holiday items and knick-knacks, but owner Mona Fore says ordering items this year is taking longer than usual.

“Usually you can order something and get it within two weeks,” Fore said.

Fore typically orders her Christmas items in January - and gets them within months, but it’s the middle of October and she doesn’t even have half of the supply.

“One of our biggest vendors, Raz, we just received a third of our order from them. Normally we have it by now so we’ve been told there is more coming,” Fore said.

She says International products like Yeti which are made in China are hard to come by.

Fore says she’s been able to get the seasonal and new releases but has had trouble getting the everyday colors.

“Currently I have back orders all the way back to March that I’ve ordered for this year,” she said.

Fore also has not been able to get her first pick of colors and sizes for their custom-made shirts and lumber for engraved items like cutting boards and plaques.

Christmas is 70 days away but Fore says shoppers shouldn’t take much time on their wish list.

“Go ahead and make their list and start shopping just because of the fear of not having the products available so close to Christmas,” Fore said.

Each December thousands of people visit McAdenville for the Christmastown USA events.

Despite the delays, Fore is confident they’ll have enough supply to meet the demand.

“Other vendors, they have started coming in so we are very prepared,” she said.

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