More than 60 weapons found on Charlotte-Mecklenburg School campuses so far this year, district reports

18 random safety screenings have been completed from the first day school to date
One Butler High School mom is urging other parents to check on their children before they leave home and don't be afraid to get personal.
Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 5:19 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A recent public records request revealed startling numbers of weapons found at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools campuses this year.

On October 6, WBTV requested the total number of weapons found on CMS campuses from the first day of school, August 25, to the present.

Records show 62 total weapons were found during that time span including hang guns, pocket knives, knives, a box cutter, and over 33 items we’re listed as “other.”

Report: Weapons found in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

The CMS Policy on Possession of Weapons and Explosives on Board Property lists other weapons including but not limited to, metallic knuckles, razors, incendiary devices, ammunition, stun guns, blackjacks, throwing stars, or any other deadly weapon or object.

Butler High School mom Robin Lewis is urging other parents to check on their children before they leave home and don’t be afraid to get personal.

“Every child and every person has their own mind. You can’t say ‘oh my child didn’t do this or my child didn’t do that.’ I can’t tell you that, that’s why I question my children a lot. I search, I’m in the room, I want to know. You can tell me one thing but I’m going to see what I find,” Lewis said.

CMS does random safety screenings inside of school buildings which includes no-touch wands, metal detectors, and canine teams if needed.

On Thursday, October 14, CMS said 18 total random safety screenings were completed to the present date.

Officials say no guns were found during these searches.

In the first three days of school, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department responded to multiple fights on campus and several weapons were found including a knife, BB gun, and other guns.

Myers Park High School officials sent a letter to parents Wednesday, September 15, after a student was accused of having a gun on the school bus and at school.

The letter said school officials received information after dismissal that a student had a weapon on a bus. Law enforcement was notified and police went to the student’s home.

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