Afghan family who helped American troops finds a new home in Charlotte

An Afghan family that helped America in her time of need were about to get a life they never expected.
Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 10:53 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A homecoming of sorts for a new Charlotte family. An Afghan interpreter along with his wife and three daughters who were evacuated out during the American withdrawal two months ago, now have a roof over their heads in North Carolina. He and his family have found a new home in Weddington.

It was an amazing day filled with signs, balloons and flags. An Afghan family that helped America in her time of need were about to get a life they never expected.

“Culture shock probably doesn’t even begin to describe what they’re feeling and experiencing.” Paul Cruz with Hunter Farm said.

A homecoming welcome to one of Charlotte’s newest citizens.

“Seeing a happy family delivered from harm’s way from Afghanistan is a good day,” said Senator Thom Tillas who was also on hand.

The caravan pulled up underneath a giant American flag with dozens of people on hand to welcome the family from far away to their new home.

“We, escaped from Afghanistan.”

Johnny as he’s being called, was an Afghan translator for the American coalition stationed up with the 82nd Airborne. It was a high-risk assignment. Nearly 60 percent of the soldiers he served with were wounded in action. When it was time to vacate the country back in August, Johnny, his wife and three daughters were able to come stateside to begin a new life right here in Charlotte.

“My wife and three children are safe so there are no worries. Here we are feeling safe, so we feel excited and we’re feeling happy.” Johnny told WBTV.

It didn’t take long for them to start enjoying their new home country. Their daughters holding American flags and swinging on tire swings just being kids again. Away from the uncertainly and gunfire.

“I think pride. Good future, this good country with a great nation.” Johnny said.

The folks at Hunter Farms even donated a house to Johnny and his family until they can get on their feet and best figure out what their life has in store.

“Our family looked at each other and basically said we need to do this, so we can so we did,” Cruz told us.

Even some of the American soldiers Johnny served with showed up today, to welcome him home.

“God knows how many American lives are here today that owe their lives to their children who owe their lives to men like Johnny,” said Sean Kilbane with Interpreting Freedom Group

As for what’s next for Johnny and his family, it may be too early to tell. A couple of deep breathes and a look around to see what this new life has to offer.

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