Lt. Gov. Robinson refuses to resign, says he doesn’t hate LGBTQ community

The lt. governor on Tuesday said he would not resign.
The lt. governor on Tuesday said he would not resign.(NBC)
Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 3:24 PM EDT
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RALEIGH, N.C. (WITN) - North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson refused to resign from his office in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Robinson firmly said his comments about homosexuality and transgender people have been twisted to something they are not about.

With a graphic display of sexual material behind him, Robinson said his comments were not about his own personal or spiritual beliefs, but about the “pornography” that has been shown in schools across the state.

The graphics come from a book titled “Gender Queer: A Memoir” published by Oni Press.

Oni Press describes the text as a way for the author, Maia Kobabe, “to explain to eir family what it means to be nonbinary and asexual, Gender Queer is more than a personal story: it is a useful and touching guide on gender identity—what it means and how to think about it—for advocates, friends, and humans everywhere.”

While pointing to a graphic from the book, Robinson said, “This is the filth we are talking about. We are not calling anyone filth.”

Robinson went on to say that his comments from last week were appropriate by North Carolina standards and by the law.

The words Robinson used that caused a state lawmaker to call for his resignation included saying, “There is no reason anybody, anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality or any of that filth. And yes, I called it filth. And if you don’t like it that I called it filth, come see me about it.”

The lieutenant governor claimed “pornographic material” had been shown in at least a classroom and other areas of schools across the state.

Robinson also brought up the hate speech his office has received after his comments were brought to the public’s attention.

He showed an email with the n-word and other racial slurs written, as well as played an audio recording of a voicemail he received with the threat of lynching and the n-word used multiple times.

Robinson said, “I would submit to you that I am the one under attack right now.”

He said it does not matter whether sexual material is men with men, women with women, or men with women. “Any type of highly sexual material of this nature does not need to be shared with children.”

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