Customers lose thousands after flooring company leaves them high and dry

WBTV Investigates: Consumer complaints have been filed against First Quality Interiors, which had historically good reviews
Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 10:26 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A flooring company with historically good reviews has gone missing in action, leaving some customers out thousands of dollars, while others are filing complaints with the North Carolina Attorney General.

Carole Krug told WBTV she had no reason to doubt First Quality Interiors.

“I had used First quality prior to this two times and had very good results,” Krug said.

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The company specializes in flooring, and Krug needed hardwood upstairs.

“I wanted to replace the carpet on the second floor of my house because it was original to the house,” Krug said.

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Krug paid a deposit of $7,500 in 2020 and had no problem postponing the project because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But as summer 2021 rolled around, she was told there were problems with the supply chain.

The materials had not come in yet, then they were on backorder and there was no indication of when they would be.

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Pete and Amy Dyson were told the same thing.

But eventually, excuses turned into unanswered phone calls and emails, according to a complaint they filed with the North Carolina Attorney General.

“We just don’t know what we’re dealing with in the supply chain, so didn’t really think a lot about it,” Amy Dyson said.

“We have no idea what exactly is going on because we can’t get any answers.”

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“You’ve paid $9,800. You have not received any material and they haven’t done any work?” WBTV Investigative Reporter David Hodges asked.

“No one has been here since the salesperson was here.,” Dyson said.

Three complaints have been filed against First Quality Interiors with the Attorney General’s Office for work never completed and WBTV spoke with several other customers who said they were in the same predicament.

Customers said they were told their Raleigh and Greensboro offices had closed.

WBTV visited their Charlotte office on a Wednesday but no one was there.

WBTV also tried calling but never received any response.

Customers like Carole Krug said they have filed claims with their credit card company to try and get the money back.

“We did get a credit back, but the company has 45 days to dispute and try to charge back,” Krug said.

WBTV also found a lawsuit out of California in which a company alleges they supplied First Quality with more than $155,000 of material but haven’t received any payment.

It’s unclear if First Quality is still making sales but current customers want their money back.

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