‘It’s scary’: Drivers concerned after two road rage incidents turn to shootings in a month

Police say it happened Tuesday morning on 485 in Matthews. The driver is okay except a few minor injuries from the shattered glass.
Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 5:56 PM EDT
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MATTHEWS, N.C. (WBTV) - Matthews Police are trying to find who’s responsible for shooting into a car during a morning commute this week.

Police say it happened Tuesday morning on 485 in Matthews. The driver is okay except for a few minor injuries from the shattered glass.

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Now some drivers are questioning is this is a troubling trend on Charlotte’s highways. Lyft drivers, who are constantly on the road, say they’ve seen an increase in more aggressive driving.

“People cut you off, they won’t let you over, it’s a bunch of crazy stuff, they’ll flick you off. All types of crazy stuff,” said Tawanda, who’s been a delivery driver for years before becoming a Lyft driver. She says she’s seen it all on the streets.

“I drive defensively I try to drive as safe as possible because not everyone’s going to be as cautious as you,” she said. “As far as I see on the road, it be more of people, really aggressive driving.”

But still, she was surprised to hear about two incidents in the last month of shootings on the highways after road rage incidents.

“It’s sad. Because people just trying to live their everyday life. No one expects to be riding down the highway and getting shot at,” she said.

Matthews Police are still looking for the person responsible for opening fire during the morning commute Tuesday.

The incident happened on the outer loop of I-485 near Idlewild Road around 7:03 a.m. Matthews officers assigned to the Patrol Division responded to a report of someone shooting into a vehicle.

Police say the victim stated that as he was driving on the outer loop of I-485 when passing the Stalling Road Bridge, the driver of an unknown grey sedan fired several gunshots into his vehicle from the lane next to him.

They say it’s a miracle this situation wasn’t worse.

“It could have been a very tragic day for everyone involved. We don’t’ want someone going out and making decisions like this,” said Tim Aycock, a spokesperson for Matthews PD.

Just last month, a man was shot and killed during a road rage shooting on eye-85 in Charlotte. In April of 2021, CMPD warned residents of an increase in road rage reports, where nearly half involved a weapon of some kind being used or threatened.

“We want them to figure out other ways to deal with their anger or whatever is going on. It is scary. Even for a trained officer, if someone comes up shooting at them, it’s still scary for anyone. Especially for a citizen going to work and just minding their business, it’s a big problem,” he said.

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