Pete and Rose are cruising through the Atlantic

Peter is expected to weaken slowly over the next few days
Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 6:32 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - There are two tropical storms we’re watching out in the Atlantic. First of all, there’s Tropical Storm Peter. This storm is currently battling some pretty rough wind shear. Winds are sustained at 50mph. It’s moving WNW at 15mph.

This storm will pass north of the Leeward Islands and could bring 1-3″ of rain to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola on Tuesday.

Peter is expected to weaken slowly over the next few days.

Here’s what the National Hurricane Center has to say about Tropical Storm Rose. “Rose might not bloom into a much stronger storm.” Winds are sustained at 40mph and it is moving NW at 16mph. Rose is expected to weaken to a tropical depression by Thursday.

There’s one more disturbance off the coast of Africa. This storm has an 80% chance of formation over the next five days. You can see from the spaghetti plot, this one is headed west. It will take seven days to make it as far as the models show. We will be monitoring it closely as we go out in time.

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Meteorologist Leigh Brock

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