Lakes not as crowded on Labor Day, different story over weekend

Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 5:57 PM EDT
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LAKE NORMAN, N.C. (WBTV) - Labor Day weekend is usually a very busy day for people looking to have some fun on the lake.

It is the end of boating season so many people tend to take their boats out to the water for one last spin. More people on the water means more room for accidents or emergencies.

On actual Labor Day, it was a quiet day on the lake for boaters. Not too many people ventured out onto the water.

The same word, quiet, has been used to describe the number of emergencies too.

A Huntersville Fire spokesperson says the department has not received any calls out to the water for safety reasons. He says overall, the weekend has not been too bad with calls for them to come to assist.

That is a big deal because holiday weekends usually bring out more inexperienced boaters who rent boats and jet skis.

He says “quite a few” of the incidents this year have been people renting boats. Some of the things they’ve responded to: drownings, boat fires and rescues.

Many of the people coming off the water Monday say they saw law enforcement patrolling the waters, but would have felt safe even if they were not out there because of everyone paying attention and playing by the rules today.

”It wasn’t too bad. Luckily the boaters kind of stayed in the center of the lake and we had a chance to kayak around the side,” says one kayaker. “The water is nice and warm it was like a warm bath so really good.”

Because there have not been nearly as many people out on the water, it has been easier to navigate without lots of people.

However, the weather might have played a roll in crowd control.

Several people coming in told me the water has been the least busy they have seen for a holiday weekend. Many speculated the overcast weather kept people inside despite it turning into a fairly nice day.

The people who did venture out said everyone looked out for each other especially this morning when it was windier.

”We were hoping to get out for a nice smooth run this morning but unfortunately the weather moved in on us,” says a jet skier. “Everybody was very respectful this morning, there weren’t a lot of boats out there compared to a normal weekend.”

One thing not many people had today was the pandemic on their minds.

For those who thought about COVID, they felt like this was a great way to gather with friends while being outside and apart.

They felt it was a much better place to gather instead of a restaurant or bar. But overall, it was business as usual. Other than a few people wearing masks to go to the bathroom, the boat ramp looked pretty much pre-pandemic normal.

”I think it was present but the lake has been open to visitors and boaters for a while now. It doesn’t really play a big deal but it’s nice to be out,” says a boater.

Mecklenburg County’s health director expressed concern after seeing the crowds around the county and at the Duke’s Mayo Classic.

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