Price brother who was involved in controversial S.C. arrest, denied bail for a second time

A chained Ricky Price stood in the doorway looking longingly at his family as he was once again escorted back to the York County jail.
Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 5:41 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 11, 2021 at 8:07 PM EDT
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YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - Ricky Price is sitting in jail for another night after a judge denied his bail for the second time.

Price is one of two brothers involved in a controversial arrest in Rock Hill at the end of June. The arrest was caught on camera by someone passing the gas station where the arrest happened.

It sparked protests for days and one arresting officer, Officer Jonathan Moreno, was fired and charged with third-degree assault.

Price’s lawyer was hoping for a $10,000 bond for what he called mostly misdemeanor charges. A chained Ricky Price stood in the doorway looking longingly at his family as he was once again escorted back to the York County jail. His lawyer was hoping there would be a much different outcome.

”Today was a big disappointment,” says public defender B.J. Barrowclough. “There’s no getting around that today was a disappointment.”

Barrowclough argued that Price should have been able to get out on bond. Price is in jail for possession with intent to distribute marijuana, simple possession of crack and resisting arrest. A gun charge is set to come later after prosecutors charged him with a higher charge than they should.

Barrowclough also argued that federal charges could be coming which could lead Price to sitting in jail for months. However, the judge denied bail saying Price was arrested for similar charges while out on bond for three drug charges back in 2020.

The Price family’s faces fell as they heard the judge’s ruling.

Barrowclough says they are not giving up on bond yet and hope to have another shot once Price goes to trial for his 2020 charges. Something Barrowclough is hoping for after saying Price is not doing well in jail.

”Being in jail isn’t easy for anybody but especially someone who suffers from anxiety issues. But he’s doing as well as anyone can expect under the circumstances,” says Barrowclough

Barrowclough mentioned Price is looking to file a civil lawsuit for how he was treated during the arrest. His brother Travis who had his charges dropped, already filed one.

Ricky Price appeared in court for a preliminary hearing at the beginning of July. He was arrested, along with his brother Travis Price, near the Valero gas station on Willowbrook Avenue in Rock Hill on Wednesday, June 23. The video posted to Facebook on the same day shows police officers arresting the two men, a process that included a forcible takedown and became increasingly more physical until both men were handcuffed.

The warrants state an unlawful loaded 9mm handgun and marijuana were found in Ricky Price’s vehicle.

Officers also say 18 grams of crack cocaine, in two baggies, was found inside the patrol car where he was sitting once he was taken to jail, according to the warrants. During court, officers said only one bag has been recovered and has not been tested for fingerprints or touch DNA.

Ricky Price was originally charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, carrying a pistol unlawfully, unlawful possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a violent offense, and resisting arrest. After the July court appearance, the first charge was reduced to simple possession of crack cocaine.

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