Rock Hill Schools expands pre-K classrooms, helping almost 60 extra students

It is a problem many of you have probably faced - trying to get your student into pre-K.
Published: Aug. 6, 2021 at 5:54 PM EDT
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ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - It is a problem many of you have probably faced - trying to get your student into pre-K.

Between the waitlist and the rejections, there is a point that some parents just feel like giving up. Rock Hill Schools is trying to make that a thing of the past with a pre-K expansion.

An extra somewhat unexpected boost of money coming from the state helped Rock Hill Schools give more students the opportunity to get ahead. District officials are hoping it will cut down on that heartache.

”It’s frustrating. It can be very frustrating,” says Omar Valera, who has put plenty of kids through pre-K.

So when he uses the college student analogy, he means it. However, he also believes all the frustration is well worth the step ahead.

”I want my kids to have an advantage. I want them to get ahead. I want them to not be scared or uncomfortable with the idea of school. I think it’s worth it,” says Valera.

Rock Hill Schools says it is trying to give parents what they want without the heartache. The district just expanded its pre-K program for almost 60 more kids.

”I was elated, over the moon, excited when we learned we would be able to offer pre-K opportunities to more students,” says Dr. Bill Cook, Rock Hill superintendent.

It will not only help students go to school for free, but also pay for teachers, assistants and classroom resources. With the two new schools just about 390 pre-K students can get more education before going into kindergarten. Rock Hill Schools is encouraging all parents with pre-K aged students to get enrolled now.

Cook says the earlier the better when it comes to getting students into the classroom. He says this was something the district has been planning because they know just how important school is.

”To have that earlier exposure sets them on a trajectory of a lifetime,” he says.

So as classrooms get prepared for the new students, Valera hopes there will be even more chairs ready for more students.

”Hopefully very few people will be turned away from that opportunity,” says Valera.

Cook says he is encouraging every family with a four-year-old to go ahead and register for pre-K. You can sign up at:

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