Neighbors: ‘potholed street extremely dangerous’, been working to get SCDOT to repair for years

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 8:07 PM EDT
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CHESTER S.C. (WBTV) -A consumer affairs report released earlier this year ranked South Carolina’s roads the worst in America.

It probably happens to us all at some point.

A person is driving along a road, then boom a pothole.

More than 80 repairs have been made on Wellridge Road in Chester County in the last five years and that is just to the asphalt itself.

Wilridge Road neighbors say they are fed up.

They say the road is dangerous and needs to be dealt with by the state -- now. They say they have been calling and emailing hoping to get something done about the road, but nothing has changed.

”It’s a crying shame that we can’t get something done to fix this road,” says Diane Albert.

Mandy and Diane Albert walked through their neighborhood road they both call a disaster. They point out every flaw—cracked concrete, potholes, Mandy even peeling back some of the repairs.

”It just feels like it’s endless. Like we’re fighting this losing battle,” says Mandy Albert.

Mandy has lived her for eight years. Diane has lived here her whole life. As a car passes and the distinct rattle they are both used to rings out, Diane tells me the only time the road has been paved was when she was four. She is now almost 70.

”This road is never going to be repaved or have anything done to it until I die. Until I’m dead and gone,” says D. Albert.

And it is not just these two trying to get it fixed.

The whole neighborhood, some of them here, have been making calls and sending emails for years to the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

The neighborhood has gone from about six houses to more than 45 over six decades. Mandy also says there are several things they have to do to make sure their house was up to shape, but they feel like they live on a terrible road. She feels it does not add up.

”It’s been worse than this before. Like holes so big that trees can be planted in them. And nothing’s changed,” says M. Albert.

Mandy says they cannot drive through this too quickly. She says the road messed up one of the saddlebags on their new motorcycle just a couple of weeks ago.

”We didn’t even have it an hour and that happened. It’s just really bad,” says M. Albert.

WBTV reached out to SCDOT to see why the road has not been repaved. A spokesperson sent me this saying quote “SCDOT is aware that Well Ridge Road is in need of resurfacing work. The road is currently pending on the list for the Pavement Program budget for 2023. Therefore, resurfacing work can be expected possibly in 2023 or by 2024.”

When WBTV asked why it might take that long, we were told the person with those answers was unreachable. But for Mandy, Diane and the rest of the neighbors living across this road, 2023 needs to be sped up to now.

”The people on this road pay taxes and it’s about time they do something,” says D. Albert.

The repairs go past the 80 asphalt repairs that you mentioned. There are also repairs to the shoulders and right-a-way. When WBTV asked DOT to give me a breakdown of what those repairs were, we were told they could not reach the person who had that information.

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