Family, community asking for prayers for young softball player after medical emergency

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 4:38 PM EDT
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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - She fought hard on the field with her team to win a World Championship in Little League softball, now Kassidy Sechler has a team of support behind her as she fights for her life in a hospital.

On Saturday, Sechler suffered a medical emergency while playing in a softball game.

“Today, as Kassidy was playing in her softball tourney, she had a medical situation which required immediate medical attention. When EMS arrived, she was transported to Frye Regional Medical Center and then airlifted to Brenners Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC.,” said Melissa Snipes Gardner. “Kassidy has been sedated and placed on a ventilator to allow her organs to rest while tests are being conducted to find the cause and proper treatment for her condition.”

Kassidy’s mother, Kathy Sechler, said on Tuesday that her daughter remains in critical condition.

“Kas is still in critical condition for the next 48-72 hrs,” Sechler wrote. “The main focus for the next few days is to get her stabilized so we are able to perform more test to get information to find out what is causing all the reactions in her body. We ask that you please continue to Pray for our beautiful girl. We want to thank you all for the overwhelming support and love from so many!”

“Kassidy is a teammate that gets along with everyone,” said her former coach Steve Yang. “If you couldn’t get along with her, you need to look in the mirror. She was a gem to coach during the summer of 2019 during our run to win the Little League Softball World Series. A consummate team player with awesome parents ( Todd and Kathy) and sister (Kayla) that were team first.”

This week another young softball player wrote his own letter to God, asking that Kassidy be healed.

“Dear God,” wrote Byron House. “My name is Byron House and I play baseball for Rowan Little League, but you already knew that. Anyways, there’s a girl named Kassidy that plays softball and she got sick at a game last week. Could you please do me a favor and make her better? I know a lot of people would be very happy about that. Since you’ve got all those angels already, I was just thinking maybe you could leave one here for the rest of us. Anyways, thanks a lot and please tell Pappy I said hi.”

Groups have been formed in the community to pray for Kassidy’s health, and there’s a Facebook page (Prayers For Kassidy) providing updates from family and friends.

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