Community stands behind Taylorsville family as 2-month-old fights for life in hospital

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 10:48 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Nearly three weeks since an accident changed an Alexander County family’s life, the community is by their side.

From t-shirts, car stickers to a GoFundMe page, the community has poured their love on the Roop family.

“Well, it’s overwhelming because I didn’t expect. You know, people can come together in a time of sickness or loss,” said Rita Eldreth who started the GoFundMe page.

Eldreth is also 2-month-old Tucker Roop’s great aunt.

“You know, I wanted to help them with the GoFundMe,” she added.

Local community by Taylorsville family side as 2-month-old fights for his life in hospital
Local community by Taylorsville family side as 2-month-old fights for his life in hospital(Family photo)

Tucker has been in the hospital since the June 25 accident.

He was in the car with his parents, Nina and Wesley, on their way back to Taylorsville when they were hit from behind in a construction zone on I-40 near Winston-Salem.

An accident report states the driver failed to reduce his speed.

Nina Roop was OK.

Wesley Roop was hurt but thankfully was discharged days later.

Tucker suffered serious injuries including head trauma.

Wednesday night, Nina Roop told WBTV News a breathing tube had been removed.

They’re hoping their little boy can use a bottle to eat.

He’s also moved from the intermediate floor to a regular floor in the hospital, she said.

She also calls Tucker, her “Little Warrior,” as he continues to surprise everyone with the fight he’s making.

The support for this family has come from across the world.

A benefit charity ride is planned for October.

“They’re like most young families, trying to get by, raising their children and going to work,” Eldreth added.

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